Take a Fun and Easy Road Trip to Taitung: Let’s Go

Want to take a family trip to the mountains and the sea? Taitung has it all for you. Drive on down to Taitung to some of our suggested spots where there are plenty of family-friendly activities for you. Ride a bike, slide down a grassy slope, and get up close to some cute and cuddly animals. Start planning your summer Taitung trip right now!

Day 1

Chishang Mr. Brown Avenue Bike Ride → Luye Highland Grass Sliding → Chulu Ranch → Night Trip to Fantasy Tiehua

Stop 1: Look at Mr. Brown Avenue from the eyes of Takeshi Kaneshiro

Stop 1: Look at Mr. Brown Avenue from the eyes of Takeshi Kaneshiro

This breathtaking scene was broadcasted to the world and became famous because of Takeshi Kaneshiro’s airline advertisement. If you’re wanting to see the most beautiful view in Taitung, riding a bike through these paths is the perfect way to do it. There are plenty of bike rental stores available once you are near Mr. Brown Avenue. Besides the usual tandem bicycles, family bicycles, electric bicycles, and even some cool-themed and special bicycles. There are a few destinations at Mr. Brown Avenue that you must visit, including the photo frame at the entrance, Takeshi tree, Paradise Road swing, and Great View Pavilion. Come and explore the stunning Mr. Brown Avenue!

  • Address: Mr. Brown Avenue, Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-862041
  • Suggested visit time: perfect year round, with a different view for each season. Visit between May and June, or September and October to see the green rice paddies; visit at the end of June or the beginning of November to see the luscious and full golden rice fields.
Stop 2: Head Towards the Green Grassy Fields of Luye Highland

Stop 2: Head Towards the Green Grassy Fields of Luye Highland

If you’re looking for vast natural scenes then you must not miss out on Luye Highland. Luye Highland, Taitung’s largest grassy field, was given the name “lu-ye” (deer wild) because there used to be herds of deer that could be seen galloping through the highland. There are grass sleds available that are perfect for some family fun. Slide down the grassy field and enjoy being surrounded by grassy green fields. You may also hike up to the viewing platform at the highest vantage point. Due to the unique land formation, guests will be able to take in the entire highland area from the platform, including the Beinan River Valley, Hualien Valley, and the colorful fields along the river terrace.

  • Address: No. 46, Gaotai Rd., Luye Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-551637
Stop 3: Take a Trip to Chulu Ranch to Taste the Freshest Dairy Products in the Area

Stop 3: Take a Trip to Chulu Ranch to Taste the Freshest Dairy Products in the Area

Chulu Ranch has the largest slopey ranch in Taiwan. Besides being able to enjoy natural scenes at the ranch, there are a plethora of interactive family activities for young and old. There’s a hay bale zone, a feeding area, a cuddly animal pen, a forest area, and more. The hay bale zone has large bales of hay placed around the grassy field where you’ll feel like you’ve visited grasslands abroad. Enter the grazing area and you can watch herds of cows leisurely strolling and feeding all around. You can even feed fresh grass to the cows in the feeding area, or feed some carrots to the horses and interact with the animals up close. Guests even have the opportunity to experience horseback riding on the ranch. When you’re exploring, you can taste the freshest milk and try other dairy products at Chulu Ranch. The ranch offers popsicles, ice cream, cheese, milk hotpot, and more. All of the products are made with milk from the ranch so the taste is guaranteed to pleasantly surprise you.

  • Address: Muchang No. 1, Beinan Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-571002
  • Website: https://www.chuluranch.com.tw/
Stop 4: Explore Fantasy Tiehua at Night, Discover a Different Taitung

Stop 4: Explore Fantasy Tiehua at Night, Discover a Different Taitung

After you’ve arranged countless fun daytime activities, discover a completely different Taitung vibe at night. Fantasy Tiehua is a local market that was started by a group of local musicians and artists. Tiehua Music Village was converted from the old dormitory buildings of the Taiwan Railway Company. You’ll have the chance to watch aboriginal musicians perform their musical creations. Enjoy the combination of music, grass, trees, and the cool evening breeze. The market that is open over the weekends also offers unique handmade items and produce. On weekday evenings, you can also shop at the stores in the village and find handmade items from all around Taiwan as well as original audio publications. Fantasy Tiehua is the perfect venue for tourists to become a part of the friendly and passionate Taitung lifestyle.

  • Address: No. 26 Ally 135 Xingsheng Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-343393

Day 2

Taitung Railway Art Village → Taitung Forest Park → Taitung Story Museum

Stop 5: Artistic and Classic—Taitung Railway Art Village

Stop 5: Artistic and Classic—Taitung Railway Art Village

Taitung Railway Art Village is a versatile space that was created to combine historical buildings, art, travel, and leisurely activities. The Art Village used to be the Taitung Train Station and has over 80 years of history. The station was remodeled but kept the classic look of Taiwan Railway Stations. You’ll find the original station, platform, railway garage park, rail turntable, and warehouse. You’ll find that the waiting room has been converted into the Taitung bus transit station and tourist information center. The village now hosts art exhibitions and activities in Taitung and provides information regarding railway culture and tourist tips. Artists and artistic groups also gather and interact here making it a meaningful destination worth visiting.

  • Address: No. 369 Tiehua Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County (Old Taitung Train Station)
  • Phone: 089-357095
Stop 6: Taitung Forest Park - Family fun riding bikes together

Stop 6: Taitung Forest Park – Family fun riding bikes together

Taitung Forest Park is just a few minutes’ drive away from the city. It boasts a large grassy field and a luscious forest. The spacious park also has a rich estuary and coastal wetland ecology that makes it the most ideal location for bird watchers to visit. The park has a bike trail that is family-friendly and also perfect for a hike. The bike trail runs through the Casuarina forest and connects Pipa Lake, Flowing Lake, and Yuanyang Lake. The path is mostly flat, making it easy and comfortable to ride on. You’ll be greeted by countless breathtaking forest scenes, pass by the clear Pipa Lake, and enjoy a relaxing time being surrounded by greenery under the blue skies. The postcard-worthy views will make you forget about time as you indulge yourselves in the beauty of lake and mountain scenes.

  • Address: No. 300 Huatai Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-362025
Stop 7: Taitung Story Museum - hottest new Insta spot

Stop 7: Taitung Story Museum – hottest new Insta spot

The Taitung Story Museum is right around the corner from Fantasy Tiehua. Located at the intersection of Boai and Tiehua Rd, the Taitung Story Museum is the hottest and most popular place to check-in at. The museum is a renovated Japanese historical building from the ’50s that has been converted into a bookstore. With roughly 1000 square meters of space, the museum has an open reading space that includes a “Taitung Section” that sells publications on Taitung, and a family reading space. Besides reading books, the museum has other spaces allocated for crafts, a cafe with light food options, a succulent plant zone, a European tableware space, and more. There is a large installation artwork outside that is covered in blueprints. The neighborhood’s theme and vibe make it the most suitable space for hosting cultural events or taking a leisurely walk.

  • Address: No. 478 Boai Rd., Taichung City, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-346203
  • Opening Time: 10:30–21:00 on weekdays, 10:30–22:00 on weekends (Closed on Tuesdays)