How to get to Taitung

As soon as you arrive in Taitung, there are numerous transportation options you can choose, including trains, cars, bikes and shuttles, and more. All you need to do is to relax and enjoy your vacation! Taitung is surrounded by lush mountains and blue sea, with a tiny population spread over a vast area. The convenient transportation system in this city makes it easy for you to travel to any destination in Taitung.

International Airports

Taoyuan Airport

Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

If you are thinking of traveling to northern Taiwan, Taoyuan International Airport is the most popular entry choice.

You can take a bus or the airport MRT to Taipei, and then take the train from Taipei to Taitung. As an alternative, go to Songshan Airport to take a direct flight to Taitung.

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Taipei International Airport

Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA)

Songshan Airport is located in the center of Taipei. International routes run mainly between mainland China and Japan;

Songshan Airport has daily flights between Taitung and Taipei. Choose Songshan Airport as your destination to connect Taipei and Taitung.

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Kaohsiung International Airport

Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH)

If you want to travel in southern Taiwan, you can enter the country from Kaohsiung International Airport;

From here, you can take the MRT to Kaohsiung Main Station, and then take the train to Taitung. Alternatively, you can get to Kaohsiung Station, or transfer to the bus at Kaohsiung Main Station to Taitung Bus Station.

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Local Airports

Taitung Airport

Taitung Airport(TTT)

Once voted as the most beautiful airport in Taiwan, Taitung Airport is reputed as a “Garden Airport”. On the first floor, to the right, you will find the Visitor Information Center, car rental service, bicycle rental service and coin lockers; a café and a digital service area can be found at the center; to the left are the airline counters at your service.

Customer Service: +886-89-362530, +886-89-362531

Ludao Airport

Lyudao Airport(GNI)

Take a small, 19-seat airplane from Taitung Airport and arrive in 15 minutes.

Green Island Airport Transportation Circle Island Sightseeing Bus: On a fixed schedule, the Green Island Sightseeing Bus sets off each hour from Nanliao Harbor, heads out on East Line 90 to circle the island in a counterclockwise direction and then back to Nanliao Harbor.

Bus Departure Time: Departing from Nanliao Harbor



Lanyu Airport

Lanyu Airport(KYD)

Take a small, 19-seat airplane from Taitung Airport and arrive in 20 minutes.

Orchid Island Airport

Customer Service: +886-89-732221

Address: No. 151, Hongtou Vil., Lanyu Township, Taitung County 952, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Orchid Island Airport Transportation
Circle Island Sightseeing Bus: Please find the detail fixed schedule at here

Bus Departure Time: Departing from Orchid Island Township Office

AM【07:30】 【09:30】

PM【13:10】 【14:20】