Taitung is surrounded by mountains and oceans as well as unique characteristics and people’s hospitality. It is lovely called the pure land of Taiwan. Booking.com wanted to give the “Traveler Review Award 2021,” to particularly welcoming cities. These awards were given to places that received the most votes from booking.com users. Taitung topped the list and is now officially the “The Most Welcoming Destination in the World in 2021.” The International Development and Planning Department established the multilanguage website Discover Taitung. The goal is to create a global brand of Taitung and make the bridge between Taitung and the world. Therefore, the website provides 5 languages, including Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean.

“Discover Taitung” the multilingual website is a platform that Taitung lovers cannot miss!


You can find the following information on the website:
1) Plan Your Taitung Trip. Whether you are planning a trip, long-stay, long-distance workspace, or residence. You will find a rich database of information.
2) Explore A Happy LOHAS City. The website announces the latest news of Taitung. In addition, it provides local arts, cultures, food, sports, and other lifestyle information that will surely entice you to come and experience the LOHAS life in Taitung.
3) Local English Instruction. “Taitung English Learning Resource” website provides audio, visual, vocabulary resources. Taitung local specialties are incorporated into the daily conversations to encourage interaction between residents, local vendors, and visitors. Taitung is a city of online bilingual learning.(Photo Credit: IG@yaoting33)


We also aim to make a customized and unique experience for each visitor to the site. A special function is setting in this website You can find a heart-shaped icon at the top right side of each page, clicking that icon will add it to your favorites and save it under your “My Taitung Favorites” page. This will help you organize your personal Taitung trip. The website also has a “breadcrumb” shortcut to provide you with quick access to related resources. You can use the sitemap to help you navigate the website and find information that you are interested in.(Photo Credit: IG@yaoting33)


Please contact us via email or private message if you have any questions or suggestions. We welcome each Taitung fan to promote this wonderful place with us! (Photo Credit: IG@yaoting33)

Email: discovertaitung@gmail.com

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