The Taitung County Government and the Taitung Design Center have jointly promoted the “Taitung Slow Wave Project” for three years. After receiving recognition with the 2023 Good Design Award Best 100, part of the Japan Good Design Award, the project recently participated in the renowned 2024 iF Design Award from Germany, often called the “Oscars of the design world.” Among nearly 11,000 outstanding design entries from 72 countries, the project was honored to receive the iF Design Award, further highlighting its excellence. County Magistrate April Yao remarked that the “Taitung Slow Wave Project” harnesses the design capabilities of the public sector along with the involvement of residents to shape the enduring charm of the city’s brand through a slow yet consistent approach. The aim is to leverage design to bring about opportunities for transforming urban governance.


Between 2021 and 2023, the Taitung County Government promoted the “Taitung Urban Brand Improvement Project,” achieving over 15 design-integrated public policy outcomes. Spanning across tourism, education, livelihood, and various other domains both physical and digital, these initiatives have significantly reshaped urban life in Taitung, gaining great recognition from the county’s residents.


In addition to the “Taitung Slow Wave Project” receiving accolades in the social services category, the Taitung County Government’s Civil Affairs Department, in collaboration with the Green Space Creative Design Team, participated in the selection with the theme “Hakka Expo – Hakka, Homeland, New Hometown.” Through innovative presentation methods, they integrated traditional Hakka culture with contemporary society, conveying Taitung’s unique cultural charm. Their efforts were recognized with an award in the cultural exhibition category, underscoring Taitung’s emerging design prowess on the international stage and garnering global attention. This dual recognition from international-level awards serves as significant encouragement for Taitung’s design industry and innovative public policy efforts. It signifies that “Taitung Design Power” is not merely about aesthetics but also a tangible positive force making an impact.