Living as a Digital Nomad in Taitung – Select Cafes in Taitung City

The modern definition of work has evolved from its past. With a computer and Wi-Fi, you can easily bring your office with you anywhere you go. The digital nomadic work life has become ever popular in recent years as it allows one to work and travel at the same time. In this article, we will introduce some cafes in Taitung that provide the perfect work environment to satisfy all of your needs whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or get some work done. Enjoy an undisturbed space where you can work all while enjoying the lovely mountains and waters of Taitung.

  • 肯墨咖啡
  • 墾墨咖啡館 內部照片 圖片來源 Ig@ning.hung

1. Community Cafe’

Come to Taitung to experience the slowed pace of this quiet city and enjoy the simple goodness that a cup of coffee can bring. Community Cafe’, located just a 7-8 minutes’ drive away from the Taitung Train Station, is humbly tucked beside the main street in a gray concrete building.

The spacious Community Cafe’ boasts a dining space that has been renovated from an old warehouse. The cafe is artsy and young. The seating and layout of the cafe make the entire space comfortable and open. With free Wi-Fi, charging outlets, and no time limitations, the cafe is also the prime workspace. The tables are comfortably spaced apart from each other, creating a refreshing and genial environment. Besides the four-person seating area, there are also cozy sofas and a long meeting table. Thanks to the large interior space, group discussions or video conference calls can also be held here while retaining relative conversation privacy, making the space suitable for personal and work gatherings.

Community Cafe’ serves a variety of beverages, mainly focusing on coffee such as classic black coffee and other specialty coffee drinks. They also offer teas like black teas, fruit or floral teas, herbal teas, and more. The cafe’s food menu includes light meals including salty quiches and homemade desserts. Everything on the menu is made fresh daily from organic ingredients. If you’re looking for a tasty and satisfying meal, try Community Cafe’ special curry which is made with Chishang organic rice and Luye free-range chicken.

  • Address: No. 1208 Gengsheng Rd., Taitung City

  • Hours of Operation: 10:00-18:00 (closed on Wednesdays)

  • Phone Number: 08-922-7998

  • Website: Fan Page

  • 山木咖啡
  • 山木 Sunmoon 內部照片 圖片來源 山木 Sunmoon Fb

2. SunMoon Coffee

“When visiting Taitung, enjoy the slowed pace, come to SunMoon, and share the joys of traveling.” Just like its motto, SunMoon Coffee strives to create a relaxing dining space. The coffee shop is on the corner of Section 4 Zhonghua Road and Fengli Street. Having only a chalkboard sign to mark its location, the 60-year-old house has been revamped into a clean and simple industrial-styled cafe.

There are bar, table, and sofa seating with large glass windows that create a comfortable space. You can order coffee, beverages, light meals, and desserts at SunMoon. The Cafe Latte has a rich coffee fragrance and creamy taste. The taro mille crepe offers deep textures and taro chunks scattered throughout. Soft-baked cookies come in a cute heart shape, with a toasty base and chewy center, a snack that is perfectly paired with sugar-free tea or coffee.

The comfortable space and delicious coffee make it the perfect location to spend your afternoon. There are charging outlets by the seating area which makes the space work-friendly. The coffee shop is only a 10-minute scooter ride from Fantasy Tiehua, so come spend a leisurely day at SunMoon, then stroll on over to Fantasy Tiehua after work to live the fun digital nomad life!

  • Address: No. 99 Section 4 Zhonghua Rd., Taitung City

  • Hours of Operation: 10:00-18:00 (closed on Thursdays)

  • Phone Number: 0927-032021

  • Website: Fan Page

  • Wow 邦查
  • Wow's 邦查 Pangcah 內部照片 圖片來源 Ig @wowspangcah

3.Wow’s Pangcah (Wave House No. 2 Warehouse)

There are many unique and stylish little shops gathered in the new warehouses at Fantasy Tiehua. Amongst these is Wow’s Pangcah, an American-styled restaurant that offers a variety of meals and afternoon snacks. The restaurant has warehouse-themed interior decor which will create a special dining experience for you. Wow’s Pangcah is located in Fantasy Tiehua, about 20 minutes from the Taitung Train Station. You’ll find the TTwilight Bazaar and other marketplaces nearby where you can experience local culture, and even catch live music performances on Wednesday to Sunday evenings. Enjoy a drink while listening to the shows to experience a relaxing day.

Wow’s Pangcah consists of two floors. The first floor offers 3-4 bar seats and an outdoor seating area where smoking is allowed. The second floor is a dining area with many different themes and decor. There’s the sofa wooden flooring area, a camping and picnic space where you can sit on the grass, a meeting table, and wooden individual seating space. Find the perfect corner to match your mood and begin working away.

Meals are mainly composed of bread and pastries baked in-house and paired with different sauces. The restaurant uses in-season ingredients that are cooked in an American style meets Taitung’s aboriginal food culture. Besides American dishes and sandwiches, they also offer an assortment of coffee and smoothies. The classic “supreme beef burger meal” has a juicy beef patty served on a fluffy bun topped with homemade sauce. The combination is an explosion of good flavors. Plan your next work trip in Taitung and spend an afternoon at Wow’s Pangcah, then stroll through the Fantasy Tiehua market or enjoy a nice walk in the Liyu Mountain Park to experience a leisurely Taitung day.

  • Address: No. 105 Xinsheng Rd., Taitung City

  • Hours of Operation: 11:00-14:20; 17:30-22:00 (closed on Tuesdays)

  • Phone Number: 0905-760875

  • Website: Fan Page

  • 食冊café 書店 圖片來源 @clare1207
  • 食冊café書店 內部照片 圖片來源 食冊café書店

4. Dining Books Café and Bookshop

The Dining Books Café and Bookshop is a bookshop meets coffee shop meets bakery meets reading corner. Located on Luoyang Street in Taitung City, the restaurant is in a building of concrete and European elements. The green landscaping will also put you in a relaxed mood in a flash.

The bookstore is like a mini library in the city. There are many books about food and other locally sourced items on display and for sale. Unlike most coffee shops, the cafe offers spacious and open seating areas with large tables. The large tables make the space suitable for gatherings and even work meetings. Paying customers are welcome to use the space freely.

Dining Books Café and Bookshop has a minimal order policy of one beverage or one book. They offer light meals such as salads with bread, pasta of the day, and a variety of coffees and teas. The house roast coffee is made from beans roasted by the owner. You can enjoy limitless refills of coffee for just an additional 50 nt. There’s no time limit to each visit, so enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time here.

  • Address: No. 265 Luoyang St., Taitung City

  • Hours of Operation: 10:00-21:00 (closed from Monday to Wednesday)

  • Phone Number: 08-9347616

  • Website: Fan Page