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Taitung Shoreline – A feast of art and literature by the sea

The long coastline of Taitung boasts the most beautiful bay and beach on the island of Taiwan. The inspiration of the sea brings vitality and imagination. The vast ocean along the coast and the rolling waves attract many foreigners to fight with the sea during the surfing season. The charm of the sea also attracts many art and literary workers to live by the sea, listening to the waves and getting up at sunrise. Dulan Sugar Factory is a gathering place for art and music, attracting many art and literary lovers to come for pilgrimage. In addition, the handicrafts of the aboriginal tribes give the area a unique look.

Dulan Haode Bai Handmade Crafts Store

Provincial Highway 11 Open Studio

“Haode Bai” Crafts Store was once a warehouse that belonged to Sintung Sugar Factory. The warehouse was transformed into a small shop selling creative crafts as well as a gathering spot of artists from all around. Work by many Taitung artists and tribal workshops are on display at the store where you will be purchasing more than their creativity, but also their views and experience on life.  The goal is to share the Taitung energy with travelers who are visiting Taitung so they can feel the simple and humble touch that can only be found on handmade items.

You can find the handiwork of over 80 aboriginal artists in the shop. Most of the works are done by local artists, including hand-dyed clothing, Dulan Elementary School backpacks, handmade notebooks, cross-stitch cell phone bags, AMIS designer clothing, books, postcards, and more. Some projects are also made out of driftwood, matching the handmade vibe perfectly. The gentle lighting and open exhibition space present the warmth of the works in a way that allows guests to experience the wonders of Taitung when visiting Haode Bai.

Address: No. 61-1 Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County (Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery)

Phone Number: 089-531702

Hours of Operation: 11:00-17:30 (Closed on Thursday)

Website: Fan Page

Onok Wood House

Provincial Highway 11 Open Studio

Onok, in the Amis language, means “one who quietly works the land and diligently gives.” For the skilled textile makers of the Amis people, weaving is a way of life, created stitch by stitch. The name of Onok Wood House carries the hopes and dreams of its owner, Sila, who aims to continue the diligent and hard-working spirit of the Amis people by passing down the art of weaving.

Nestled in the city, Onok Wood House is only a few steps away from the busy Provincial Highway 11. But as soon as you step inside, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a tranquil forest cabin. The peaceful atmosphere at Onok Wood House is perfect for those who seek a quiet respite. With a straw roof and an artistically decorated interior, the wood house exudes a warm and gentle vibe.

When you visit Onok Wood House, make sure to order a beverage and dessert, and take in the light music and artistic ambiance. You can also make a reservation in advance to join a weaving course. The knowledgeable teacher will guide you through the traditional weaving elements and tools, and help you try the Amis people’s traditional weaving methods to create accessories, fabric bags, coasters, and more. You can even make a unique handmade gift for yourself or a friend. (photo credit: IG @triton235.2

Address: No. 134-1 Changguang, Changbin Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 0988-451-555 (reservation by phone required)
Webpage: Fanpage

Dulan Pottery House

Provincial Highway 11 Open Studio

When you enter “Dulan Kingdom”, you’ll easily spot a straw house standing amongst the level fields of waving grass. The house, belonging to pottery artist Daai Lin, is only supported by two walls of steel framed bamboo with a straw rooftop that blends into the sea of nature.

It was by pure coincidence that Daai Lin fell in love with pottery. As a former teacher of many years in northern Taiwan, Lin had the chance to work with clay at an international conference and he became fascinated with this art. After many years of self-study and working on this art his craftsmanship continued to flourish. This sparked the idea to return to his hometown and commit his time to poetry. He hopes to present his beloved hometown through art and record life in the tribes of Dulan.

Come to the Dulan Pottery House, where under the guidance of artists, you can learn to listen to the story behind the art as you view pottery works and participate in clay exploratory courses where you will learn how to treat, pull, and glaze your clay works.

Address: In front of the bus stop by the 144.1 km mark of Provincial Highway 11, Dulan Village, Hedong Township, Taitung County

Contact number:  0922-698-061 (please make a reservation by phone)

Webpage: Fan page

Provincial Highway 11 Open Studio

Provincial Highway 11 Open Studio

The east coast boasts beautiful mountain and ocean views, and has a rich artistic ambiance. If you drive along Provincial Highway 11 to Taitung, you’ll have the opportunity to see many installation artworks for the annual East Coast Land Art Festival. Now, you can even visit the artistic landmark along the ocean line: Provincial Highway 11 Open Studio. The studio is run by American winemaker, Brian Curran, and his wife and artist, Minshu Gao. There is an exhibition space that is open to the public, and small workshops are held here from time to time. The space is an important art platform on the ocean line that combines art, cuisine, and exhibition elements.

Provincial Highway 11 Open Studio is within the Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery space. The studio is easy to spot as it is right under the large chimney. The old sugar retraction machinery and the original industrial building style have been kept. The owner uses the original old windows, driftwood, recycled metal, and pipes to create a unique and thoughtful space that gives people a free and relaxed feeling. The studio is like an artsy select shop on the ocean line. Visitors can find drawings, clay art, wood art, and other intricate artworks by local creators here. Many of the items on display are also created by the owner herself.

Besides finding unique items, Provincial Highway 11 Open Studio also has an outdoor exhibition and dining space. Take a seat along the bar that has been built with driftwood and recycled metal and enjoy some food and desserts paired with craft beer that the owner has brewed for a relaxing afternoon. Provincial Highway 11 Open Studio hosts art exhibitions from time to time to introduce local artists and their work to guests. Come and experience the nature and humanities of the east coast. (Photo Credit: FB@台11開放工作室 )

Reminder: Don’t drink and drive.

Address: No. 61 Dulan, Donghe Township, Taitung County (Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery space)

Contact number: 0978-092-087

Operating hours: 2:00–21:00 (Wednesday to Saturday) 12:00–21:00 (Sunday)

Official Website

Laboratory Experiment Platform

Taitung Coastline-Art Feast by the Sea-Laboratory Experiment Platform

At first glance, “Laboratory Experiment Platform,” should probably be the name of a company conducting scientific research. However, this is actually a studio and art center founded by Heidi Yip and Taitung artist Lafin Sawmah. Creating Laboratory Experiment Platform holds special meaning for Sawmah and Yip. Sawmah is a young Amis from Taitung. His creative energy comes from his memories of growing up in an indigenous village. Even though Sawmah has become a renowned sculptor in Taiwan and abroad, what he wanted most in life was to simply move back to his hometown. Living in a place connected to the Pacific Ocean, Sawmah expresses his gratitude towards nature and interest in environmental protection through art. Yip, on the other hand, is an artist from Hong Kong. Before Yip moved to Taitung with her husband Sawmah, the natural beauty of Taiwan had left a deep impression on her. The ocean, geology and plants found in Taitung act as inspiration for her illustrations and pottery. This led Yip to open a studio in this pristine corner of the east coast where the ocean meets the sky.

Before moving back to Sawmah’s three-room house in his hometown of Changbin, their studio had relocated twice to other spots on Provincial Highway 11. Life gradually changed for Sawmah and Yip because their business was doing too well. Their studio became overly focused on the business end of things because of the increasing number of visitors and strong sales of their crafts. Therefore, they made a firm decision to close their shop and redirect their energy towards creative pursuits. Now, Laboratory Experimental Platform is a private creative space that isn’t open to the public most of the time. However, they sometimes hold cultural and artistic events and activities. These include hosting residencies, exhibits and lectures. Sawmah and Yip hope that their studio can act as a venue for interaction between people perusing different creative endeavors and local residents. But most importantly, everyone that comes here can step out of the studio, greet the Pacific and commune with nature in this remote pocket of Taiwan. (Photo Credit:Laboratory Experiment Platform FB)

Hours of Operation: By appointment only. Please see their official website for more information on exhibitions.

Address: No. 61-1, Neighborhood 6, Sanjian Village, Sanjianwu, Changbin Township, Taitung County


Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery

Taitung Coastline-A Feast of Art and Culture by the Sea-Dulan Xindong Sugar Factory

( Photo: IG @Nobel Liu )

Dulan seems to be a creator’s muse, while Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery is the cradle of art in Taitung. It provides a creative settlement for artists from Taitung and overseas, just like a small fire to warm up the passion for creation! As soon as you walk into the park, different small buildings, which each have unique and colorful painted walls, will meet your eye. It welcomes visitors with a full hipster-style and artistic atmosphere. If you like to visit cultural and creative markets, or see art exhibitions, we believe you will appreciate Dulan Sugar Factory, situated just a few steps from the sea in Taitung.

Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery was formerly a private sugar factory during the Japanese Occupation. Completed in 1937, it had three parts: the sugar factory, office and dormitory. The sugar factory closed in the 1990s, and was later revitalized under the initiative of the government to become the Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery. There are artist studios, cafes, and large stage for performances in the park. On weekends, there are also cultural and creative markets with a variety of hand-made products. In the evening, musical performances by the sea in the park makes the atmosphere more exciting. Do not miss this exciting musical, romantic atmosphere.

Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10:00~17:00

Closed Days: Open all year round

Contact Number: 08 953 1212

Address: No. 61, Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County

Sister Cousin’s Shop – Shell Ginger Workshop

Taitung Coastline-A Feast of Art and Culture by the Sea-Dulan Xindong Sugar Factory
Taitung Coastline-A Feast of Art and Culture by the Sea-Dulan Xindong Sugar Factory

There’s a famous handcraft workshop in Dulan, “Sister Cousin’s Shop,” which is located in the alley beside Dulan Sugar Factory headed towards Dulan Middle School. The workshop is run by Gao Minhui and Liao Wanjun, the Amis mother-daughter team who are passing on the traditional Amis weaving technique. The workshop is decorated with an array of handmade crafts that have all been created by the mother-daughter duo. The daughter, Wanjun, learned various traditional skills at a young age from her mother, including shell ginger weaving, embroidery, fabric weaving, yarn spinning, and more.

“Sister Cousin’s Shop,” which was once named “Auntie’s Shop,” changed its name when Gao passed the workshop down to her daughter Liao. Liao had been working in Taoyuan and recently decided to return to her home and continue passing down the Amis weaving craft with her mother. The mother-daughter duo researched and experimented with new techniques, finally deciding to revamp the shop and change the name to “Sister Cousin’s Shop.” After the name change, renowned artist Siki Sufin was commissioned to give a new look to the shop. Traditional totems, bamboo, and other materials, paired with modern techniques were used to incorporate traditional totems all around the workspace, presenting a true Amis Dulan theme.

This mother-daughter duo has inherited the Amis weaving culture, adding a modern sense of fashion into tradition, creating practical creative products, such as the cross stitch fabric bag, shell ginger lighter carrier, and many other practical and popular knick-knacks. Are you interested in trying the cross stitch or shell ginger weave? Make a phone call reservation with Sister Cousin’s Shop so that you can experience passing down this wonderful part of the Amis culture!

Address: No. 280, neighborhood 33, Dulan Village, Hedong Township, Taitung County (Alley by Dulan Sugar Factory)

Phone Number: 0965-39532 / 0981-804-639

Website: Fan Page

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