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Taitung’s art island

Green Island and Lanyu seem to be the fringe of the urban area, but they have always been active stages in art and humanities, and they refuse to be marginalized. They also have fruitful results in the fields of craftsmanship, traditional ballads, living arts, painting and literature. Green Island also hosts the Green Island Human Rights Art Season every year, which uses art to open dialogue with history, people, and the world; the beautiful scenery of Lanyu and the tribal cultural characteristics of the aboriginal Dawu people inspire beauty and inspiration. The two small islands directly evoke the artistic language of everyone with their most unique customs.

Green Island White Terror Memorial Park
White Horror Green Island Memorial Park

Green Island White Terror Memorial Park was established in 2018. It was originally named the Green Island Human Rights Memorial Park. It belongs to the preparation site of National Human Rights Museum together with the Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park in Taipei. When you visit the northeast corner of Green Island to enjoy the healing landscape, it must be hard to imagine that this was once a huge, heavily guarded prison. A park was established in the same location to remind us not to forget the past, and to understand the history of development in the fight for human rights.

In addition to being an important cultural footprint, this park also hosts The Green Island Human Rights Art Festival every year. Domestic and foreign artists are invited to combine literature research and fieldwork to express human rights issues with art. Each year’s topic is also different — In 2018, ART EVENT OF LYUDAO HUMAN RIGHTS 2018 reproduced the past prison life on the spot through art. In 2019, Visiting no.15 Liumagou allowed artists to visit the island to create and recreate historical memories. In 2020 If On The Margin, Draw A Coordinate uses a marginal artistic narrative which goes against mainstream social norms.

The art exhibition site was originally a prison, and it is just a metaphor of reality. Today’s freedom and splendor were originally rooted in yesteryear’s depression and struggle. Experience and restore yourself in artistic thinking, and pass on the spirit of pursuing human rights values from one generation to the next.

Opening hours: 09:00~17:00

Closed date: Open all year round

Contact number: 089-671-095

Address: No. 20, Jiangjunyan, Ludao Township, Taitung County

Official website: price: full ticket: NT$ 30; group ticket: NT$ 20; half-price ticket: NT$ 15

Address: No. 200 Wenhua Park Road, Taitung City, Taitung County

Official website

Official website:


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Taitung’s art island

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Discover Taitung> Art Venues >Taitung's art island Taitung's art island Green Island and Lanyu seem to be the fringe of the urban area, but they have [...]