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The 2021 Taitung Designer Week – Taitung XTRA

Taitung’s stunning scenery, wholesome culture, and laidback pace of life are a source of inspiration for artists and designers. Moreover, there is a diverse abundance of local artistic vitality. In recent years, the Taitung County Government has been committed to display the beauty of Taitung’s local culture and aesthetics. Thus, the government is holding the second Taitung Designer Week, which is known as Taitung Extra. This event is Taiwan’s first large-scale co-created project. Taitung Extra has invited 6 renowned designers from Taiwan and abroad as well as artists and 12 local creative collectives. They will employ three themes of “Artistic Industry,” “Spatial Instillation”, and “Old Meets New.” These themes will drive co-creative exchange and meld design concepts with traditional crafts.

The 2021 Taitung Designer Week – Taitung XTRA

The “Artistic Industry” portion includes print fashion designer, Zoie, and fashion world talent, Daniel Wong. Zoie and Daniel will incorporate fashion design into artistic industries. Zoie will collaborate with Kapaz Creative Clothing Studio and A’tolan Weaver Studio to make eco-print tote bags and 12 unique dresses. These creative articles will allow people to wear and carry Taitung’s laidback vibe wherever they are. Daniel Wong will team up with Yin Creative Arts Studio, a local brand from Taitung, to create three sets of products infused with a ceremonial feeling. The products will showcase the mythical beasts that protect Taitung. In addition, the collaboration will feature glass vases as a creative exchange using progressive range of materials.

The 2021 Taitung Designer Week – Taitung XTRA

The “Spatial Instillation” portion invited Biaugust Creation Office, a multidisciplinary design firm that has attracted a lot of attention in Japan as well as product crossover designer Chou Yu-jui. These designers will create interaction between space and instillation art. Biaugust will collaborate with two local brands, Ding Crochet and Casa Yang Studio. They will use living pottery and natural fiber to transform Taitung’s lifestyle into a tangible designer items. Chou Yu-jui will team up with Abusi Bunun Traditional Clothing Workshop and Mima’an. They will use traditional indigenous creative materials and cultural images to reproduce the essence of Taitung’s lifestyle.

The 2021 Taitung Designer Week – Taitung XTRA

The “Old Meets New” portion invited cutting-edge illustrator Xu Zhi-hong, the winner of Golden Tripod Award for Best Book Illustration, to collaborate on a joint brand with artist Chou Yi. They will turn old into new and infuse local creative projects with visual design. Xu Zhi-hong will work with A-BU Studio and Larigean Handicrafts Workshop to bring together ideas from across creative fields. They will create gold accessories and leather products that leave people touched and surprised. Chou Yi and Taitung Old Dormitory will infuse indigenous style into backpacks and two types of purses. Chou Yi will also collaborate with Heart Light Kiln to make plates and vases. These creative projects will bring art into our daily lives.

The 2021 Taitung Designer Week – Taitung XTRA

The exhibition space was planned by Alfie Lin, a master of eastern flower arranging and founder of CNFlower. Lin used impressions of Taitung as inspiration and employed flowers to design a one-of-a-kind exhibition space. The collaborative exhibition was held on October 24 on outdoor stage of Taitung Art Museum. The exhibition will move to Hoursin House from November 4 to November 14. Come by and feel the sparks that fly when crafts and design connect.

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