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Taitung Yearend Arts and Culture Exhibition Finale – The 2021 Taitung Art Exhibition

Do you like going to art exhibits? The Taitung Art Exhibition, which is held once every two years, is an important arts competition for Taitung County. This is the 16th time this event has been held. The lover of contemporary art in you definitely does not want to miss out on this! Since 2012, The Taitung Art Exhibition started accepting outstanding work from across Taiwan, which laid the foundation for the once-every-two-year format that was instituted in 2013. This art exhibit gathers artistic talent and displays the beauty of Taitung through a diverse array of creative endeavors and perspectives. This year’s Taitung Art Exhibition has gone through two rounds of intense evaluation to select 91 works to win awards. These include categories such as eastern art, western art, videography, sculpture and new media, which exhibit the convergence of cross-genre artistic creation. You’re invited to this palace of the arts to enjoy a communion with beauty.

Taitung Yearend Arts and Culture Exhibition Finale – The 2021 Taitung Art Exhibition

The winner of the exhibit’s top prize, “The Taitung Award” went to Yu Kwang-chung’s poem Taitung, as well as Restrained and Falling. Generally speaking, the panel of judges expressed that the eastern painting this year strove to break out of traditional molds. In addition, the western paintings were quite refined, while the videography, sculpture and new media were all quite novel. The latter three types of art were all meticulously crafted, provided interpretations of how our environment affects our emotions and displayed subtle observations regarding contemporary collective life. These works are rich in detail, distinctly unique and use contemporary art to exhibit Taitung’s unique local cultural milieu. You’re cordially invited to attend and feel how Taitung is brimming with artistic energy.

Date: Saturday, December 4 to Sunday, December 26
Time: 9:00-12:00; 1:30-5:30 (Closed Mondays)
Place: Taitung County Cultural Affairs Department Art and Culture Center, First Floor
Official Website:

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