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How long has it been since you watched a movie?

Perhaps for you, it was just yesterday when you watched a movie. However, for those living in Taitung and Hualien, it is not often that they have the chance to watch a film. There is only one cinema in Taitung at the moment, thus people in the countryside lose interest quite quickly with the thought of traveling long distances to the big city just to go to the cinema.

However, everybody knows that watching movies is essential in modern life. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture. The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, along with the National Taitung Living Art Center hosted the 2019 Film Art Firefly Cinema from June until September in Taitung and Hualien. Twelve movies were played, and were available to the public free of charge.

Films were played in Hualien from June until the beginning of August. By the end of August, the Firefly Cinema had slowly moved to Taitung, playing films in Chenggong Township, Chishang Township, Jinfeng Township, Taimali Jinlun Village and Yanping Township. The films that were played were critically well-received Taiwanese films, including Hidden Treasures in the Mountain (comedy), Sen Sen (family drama), Long Time No Sea (the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan), Spicy Teacher (teenage comedy), and the acclaimed drama Father to Son, which was nominated for the 48th IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam Big Screen Award. These films embody laughter, tears, and Taiwanese hospitality.

There was also cinema appreciation at the events, as well as lotteries, movie trivia, and obstacle activities relating to the films. Those who love movies and lively fun should definitely not miss this event!

Photo by:National Taitung Living Art Center

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