Bring the Sugar Apples Home! The Must-buy Taitung Gift of 2022

When speaking of Taitung’s famous produce, most people will mention the Emerald of Fruits: the sugar apple. Pineapple Sugar Apples, also known as the atemoya, benefit from the unique and stable climate of the east coast in Taitung. Together with farmers’ hard work, unrivaled artificial pollination, and pruning techniques, make Taitung’s yield and quality the best in the world!

The harvest period of sugar apples generally begins in December and continues until March of the following year. This makes them the perfect gift for Chinese New Year gatherings. Damu Sugar Apples can also be harvested between August and October. This variety tastes like sweet shaved ice after it is chilled.

Sugar apples are high in nutrients. They are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other minerals. The fruit is full of antioxidants and anti-aging properties. The Pineapple Sugar Apple has even been ranked as the 2nd most nutritional food in the world by BBC.

How does one pick out a tasty sugar apple? The secret lies in choosing large and unblemished sugar apples that are firm to the touch. After a few days, they will turn into ripe and sweet sugar apples. If there are leftovers, you cut and freeze them into fresh fruit popsicles for a tasty treat later. Hand them out to your friends and family for a sweet dessert at home.

The most common types of sugar apples found in Taitung include the Pineapple Sugar Apple and Damu Sugar Apple. The Damu variety is fragrant with a hint of a milky scent. This is why it is also called “Milk Sugar Apple.” The Pineapple Sugar Apple, on the other hand, has nothing to do with pineapples. Rather, it received this name because the fruit is tangy and sweet like a pineapple. This year, under County Magistrate April Yao’s tireless effort to promote and expand the market, Taitung’s sugar apples can be purchased at supermarkets and warehouses all around Taiwan. Bring home some delicious sugar apples, support Taitung’s local farmers, and share this taste of happiness with your loved ones.

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