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2021 Taitung Food Festival – The Taste of Childhood

Everyone has a similar experience that we kept the touching taste of our childhood dishes in mind. The experience also created the sweetest and precious memories. This year, the Taitung Slow Food Festival will bring you back to enjoy your memorable tastes and give you the purest joy!


Taitung has diverse ethnic groups and food cultures. Moreover, Taitung Slow Food Festival is a prestigious food event in Eastern Taiwan. It’s held four times a year to promote Taitung’s local tastes with different themes, allowing visitors to “Eat Seasonal, Eat Local” from the origin of production to the dining table. Visitors can learn about the fresh ingredients from all over Taitung, the local cooking culture as well as enjoy the rich and diverse delicious cuisines. The first Taitung Slow Food Festival in 2021 will be held on Children’s Day with the theme of the childhood dining table. The theme will focus on 2 perspectives: “Food Education” and “Inheritance of Food Culture”. The chefs and the slow food restaurants from the valleys, coastlines, south link line, and downtown will all join the carnival together. They’ll bring you to the childhood tastes of each ethnic group. You can experience the original taste of local Taitung, the home tastes of tribes, private home cuisine, and the special meals for children, etc. Let the food arouse your childhood and awaken your taste!

The theme of the first Slow Food Festival this year is designed for children and adult with innocent heart. Come to join this celebration during the vacation in April. In order to cherish the beauty of Taitung, please remember to bring your own eco-friendly tableware. Let us enjoy having a responsible festival!

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Date: April 3rd 2021 to April 4th 2021
Time: 10:00 AM -03:00 PM
Location: Guanshan Waterfront Park, Guanshan Township, Taitung County
Contact Number: 089-346-781