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Taitung’s “Fountain of Youth”- Taiwan’s Most Stunning Hot Spring Destinations

Taitung County is home to vast array of hot springs. The hot springs in Taitung are mild to the touch as the water is mostly sodium bicarbonate, slightly alkaline and has pH levels between 7 and 8. Bathing in a sodium bicarbonate hot spring is like putting on a natural layer of skin cream that moisturizes and revitalizes the whole body. After a trip to the hot springs, your skin will be left feeling silky smooth and pleasantly refreshed. Therefore, sodium bicarbonate hot springs are known as being “Fountains of Youth.” In this vein, Taitung has gained (world-wide) fame for being “The Land of Eternal Youth.” Come to Taitung and experience one of these mystic fountains for yourself.


A Charming Mountain Retreat – Zhiben Hot Springs

Zhiben is famous throughout Taiwan for its hot springs and hiking trails. The landscapes in Zhiben are so pretty that it is also called “Eastern Taiwan’s Scenic Treasure.” The sodium bicarbonate hot springs of Zhiben are mineral rich, clear, odorless and around 60 to 100 degrees Celsius. The hot springs here are also known as “Fountains of Youth” as they make your skin feel supple, increase circulation and release tension in your muscles. The wholistic relaxation found in here has turned Zhiben into a vacationing hot spot. You can find both hot springs close to the mountains and near streams in Zhiben. Usually, Zhiben’s hotels and resorts tap into river sources for their hot spring water. In recent years, one of Zhiben’s 5-star hotels built a hot spring using a mountain source. Zhiben is situated in a green valley lined with rivers and streams. From both river and mountain hot springs, you can sit back, enjoy the lush mountains and the relax to the tune of babbling brooks. Whether you come here to soak in a hot spring, get a spa treatment or spend the night, you’re sure to have an amazing time.

(Image: Hotel Royal Chihpen Instagram @hotelroyal.cp)

Address:Zhiben Hot Spring Area, Beinan Township


Taiwan’s Finest- Lisong Hot Spring

If Lisong Hot Spring weren’t in Taitung, it might only exist in some legendary fantasy novel.
While fully submerged in this hot spring, your immediate vision gets shrouded in delicate tendrils of white steam. When you come out of the water a bit more, you can see the surrounding rock faces that are covered in shimmering green algae. The walls are so vibrant, you could swear they were made of solid emerald. Lisong Hot Spring is different than most other springs, in which hot water rises up from the ground. Here, however, water wells out from the rock faces forming waterfalls. The water infused with sodium bicarbonate at Lisong Hot Spring is slightly alkaline with a pH level of around seven. The water temperature ranges from 45 to 65 degrees Celsius, is crystal clear and feels smooth to the touch. Soaking here improves circulation and leaves your skin silky and radiant. However, the journey to this hidden gem is relatively arduous. Hiking this ravine will test your endurance and stamina. At times, you have to climb up rockfaces with the help of ropes. You also have to river trace after you get to the base of the ravine. Visitors must remain cautious at all times and be aware of their physical limitations. It is recommended that those interested visit during the November to April dry season.


Address:Nanheng Cross-Island Highway, Haiduan Township


A Remote and Peaceful Hot Spring Getaway- Jinlun Hot Springs

Hot spring resorts have been in Jinlun for some time now. However, once you step into town, you can still feel the same peace and serenity of simpler times. The village’s rustic charm is surrounded by sweeping mountains and vast expanses of untouched nature. Jinlun also has an abundance of channels that bring hot spring water to ground level. The pure sodium bicarbonate water found here is slightly alkaline with a pH ranging from 7 to 8. The clear hot spring water of Jinlun smells vaguely sulfurous and ranges from 70 to 90 degrees Celsius. The relatively high water temperature here improves circulation while leaving your skin healthy and rejuvenated. When you come to Jinlun, there’s more to do than just go to the all-natural hot springs under the red Jinlun Rainbow Bridge. Make sure to venture into surrounding mountains and take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air. You can also visit the Jinlun Hot Springs Resort for a variety of soaking options such as open-air pools or private baths. Visiting this peaceful part of Taiwan will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Address:Jinlun Village Hot Springs Scenic Area, Taimali Township

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Hongye Hot Springs – Mother Nature’s Natural Beauty

Hongye Hot Springs is located in Hongye Village of Yanping Township. It is classified as a metamorphic rock hot spring originating from the Central Mountain Range’s Tananao Schist. The clear odorless water here has a neutral pH of 6.4 and a temperature ranging from 42 to 60 degrees Celsius. Bathing here can relieve skin and stomach ailments while leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Hongye Hot Springs is open-air and all-natural. Walk along the riverbank and find a pool to bathe in. Also, feel free to scoop up gravel from the riverbed and form your own pool. After you find your spot, kick back, and enjoy the natural tranquility of the surrounding lush mountain scenery. Please show respect for the environment while visiting the Hongye Hot Springs. Don’t drive your car into the riverbed and risk getting a fine. Also, take note of the weather before you go. Please refrain from visiting while it’s raining or right after heavy rainfall.

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Address:No. 120, Honggu Road, Yanping Township

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