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Agriculture and Fisheries Festival in Chenggong Township – 2021 Chenggong Swordfish and Navel Orange Festival

Swordfish and navel oranges are two major products of Chenggong Township, and those two items are both harvested in November!

Chenggong Swordfish and Navel Orange Festival

Each year, the Northeast wind brings the peak harvest of swordfish in Taitung. Swordfish are migratory fish unique to the waters on the east coast. Taitung produces around 800 tons of swordfish each year, with Hsin-kang Fishing Harbor in Chenggong Township taking the crown on swordfish harvest. There are many different species of swordfish that are loved by foodies. The Swordfish Festival is a unique celebration that is held only in Chenggong Township. This year, it is entering into the 20th annual celebration. A “swordfish god blessing ceremony” will be held to ensure a safe and plentiful harvest. The “Spearfishing Competition” helps pass down the fishing technique used during the Japanese Colonial Rule while also building good teamwork among the crew. Everyone is welcome to visit Chenggong, taste the delicious swordfish, and experience unique activities in Chenggong Township.

Taitung Navel Oranges are known as the “Rolls-Royce of oranges.” The name “Navel Orange” comes from their belly button-like appearance and they are one of Taitung’s specialty fruits. The Navel Oranges from Sanxiantai in Chenggong Township have the best quality in Taiwan due to the ideal soil and temperature for growing. The oranges are sweet with a hint of sour, have a fine fleshy texture. In addition, the oranges are juicy and full of minerals that are beneficial for the skin. This year’s Navel Orange Festival will include produce displays and sales, tasting events, DIY activities, and wonderful performances. We hope you’ll participate in the festivities.

What to do in Taitung this November? Make sure you come to Chenggong for the swordfish and orange festivals! If you haven’t tasted the juicy Navel Oranges or fresh swordfish sashimi, you mustn’t miss out again this year!

Chenggong Swordfish and Navel Orange Festival

Chenggong Swordfish Festival
Location: No. 19 Gangbian Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County (Chenggong Fishing Harbor)

Chenggong Navel Orange Festival
Date: November 20th, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 09:00-15:00
Location: Chenggong Township Farmers’ Association