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Nationwide Disease Prevention Alert: Taitung’s Heightened COVID-19 Regulations

As COVID-19 regulations have become stricter nationwide, Taitung has followed suit and is initiating high level of COVID-19 prevention measures. We ask for full cooperation from the public during this challenging time:(Last Update:6/10 15:16)

全國疫情警戒 臺東全方位嚴格防疫

– Face masks must be worn at all times when outside of the home. You will be fined NT $3000-15000 if you are out without a mask. Disease prevention tickets may be issued by civil authorities (village governors) or public safety and health organizations (Police Stations and Public Health Bureaus.) The public can also provide video or photo evidence that includes the time and location of violators who refuse to comply. The video must also include clear distinguishing features such as a license plate number. Give your name and the video to the Taitung County Police Traffic Brigade to file an official report. Appropriate penalties will be subsequently administered. (Reporting Hotline: 089-328-344).

– Non-essential travel and gatherings are strictly prohibited. All family and social gatherings of more than 5 indoors and 10 outdoors are prohibited. If you have more than 5 family members living in one house, you may keep residing together. Unnecessary travel should also be minimized.

– Mobilization of village level disease prevention teams. Village governors, indigenous health centers and community care centers will proactively contact individuals returning from outside of Taitung to make a record of their travel and contact history. If you (including tourists) refuse to comply with face mask regulations, you will be forced to pay out of pocket for a rapid COVID-19 test.

– All recreational and entertainment venues will be closed until June 28. Essential businesses, public safety, medical facilities and government institutions can remain open. However, all non-essential businesses are mandated to close. After Taitung County announced the closing of recreational and entertainment venues, any businesses that are found disregarding this mandate will be fined by the Police or Health Bureau, and lose power and water immediately.

– Online Classes: All public and private schools (including day-care centers and cram schools) will discontinue physical classes from May 19 to June 28. The Taitung Education Bureau is working closely with primary and secondary schools to continue classes online by providing equipment (laptops, tablets, data SIM cards) to low-income families to ensure equal access to online classes.

– Readiness of Taitung’s Medical Facilities: There are 7 hospitals in the county with outdoor COVID test sites in place. Before entering a test site, you must have your temperature taken and provide travel and contact history. Patients experiencing fever, upper respiratory symptoms, loss of smell, or diarrhea of unknown causes, will be admitted into the hospital through designated entryways and closely monitored.

– Public Religious Activities are Prohibited: All public religious ceremonies , worshipping, memorial services and attending Mass before June 28 are prohibited. However, the aforementioned ceremonies can occur if they are attended by family members only and abide by disease prevention regulations.

– Land, Household, and Tax Services: In-person service will be unavailable until June 28. Please apply online or contact the relevant offices or the Tax Bureau regarding extensions.

– Information Regarding Public Spaces: Crowd control measures will be implemented. Mask-wearing, and social distancing must be observed.

– Places of Business: Please follow COVID-19 regulations set for businesses that can continue to operate.

– Restaurants: Restaurants in Taitung County are take out only (include night market and other vendors)

For more information, please visit the Taitung’s disease prevention webpage