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2021 Leisurely Living in Chishang — Bamboo Raft Season in the Rice Town

You’ve probably heard all about normal dragon boat races, but have you ever seen a bamboo dragon boat race? “Rice Country’s Bamboo Raft Season” is an annual event held in Chishang. To date, this festival that showcases Taiwan’s only bamboo raft race has been held twenty times. This event always draws a sizeable crowd because bamboo raft races are an important traditional custom for the people of Chishang. The whole township comes together in solidarity during this event, and everyone shows up to cheer on the racers. People now call Bamboo Raft Season Chishang’s Second Chinese New Year because of the event’s lively and welcoming atmosphere.


Why does Chishang host Bamboo Raft Season? The history behind bamboo rafts in Chishang goes way back. Dapo Lake is Taiwan’s only inland marsh. It’s large body of water is home to a diverse ecosystem that covers almost 40 acres. Dapo Lake is also a valuable natural resource that the people of Chishang rely on for sustenance. In generations past, bamboo rafts were important for Chishang’s fishermen. They used to row to the middle of the lake to catch fish and shrimp as well as collect lotus flowers and water chestnut. The Chishang Township Office hopes to carry on the important traditions of Dapo Lake through bamboo dragon boat races. The Township Office also hopes that these races commemorate the hard and simple lives of Chishang’s forebearers. This event is a homage to the people of Chishang and their special connection to the land. We hope that these races carry on the love of nature for generations to come.

Everyone gets pumped up for the exciting bamboo dragon boat races every year.  This year, there’s also a 10-man bamboo dragon boat tug-of-war competition. We warmly welcome the public to participate in the bamboo raft races and the floating tug-of-war competition. Rally your team together and sign up before May 12! Use Bamboo Raft Season as a good excuse to head to Dapo Lake, watch the races, see some shows, eat delicious food and play a few games suitable for the whole family. (Photo:Chishang Township Office FB)

Event information【Postpone to 6/19-6/20】
Bamboo Dragon Boat Race
Race Date: June, 5th, 2021 (Sat.)
Race Times: 09:00-18:00
Bamboo Dragon Boat Tug-of-war
Race Date: June, 6th, 2021 (Sun.)
Race Times: 09:00-12:30
Location: Dapo Lake Wetlands National Scenic Area, Chishang Township, Taitung County

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