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2023 Taitung Slow Food Festival Breakfast Table – come and taste Taitung’s beautifully slow energy

A formalistic lifestyle can quickly become tiresome. When tied down with tedious meetings and feeling swamped with endless tasks, even something as easy as deciding what to eat for breakfast can become too much to accomplish. Although there are countless quick and easy breakfast options in Taiwan, you may still become bored with the same morning food combinations. Discover Taitung invites you to attend the 2023 Taitung Slow Food Festival and experience the unique breakfast scene in Taitung while also exploring Taitung’s rich slow food culture.

There is more to Taitung than its breathtaking views. Taitung offers a wide variety of delicious foods, and even breakfast comes with unique Taitung flavors and culture. For example, you can find breakfast dishes that are local favorites, such as red vinasse rice with a soft-poached egg, radish cake with pig’s blood soup, dancing furikake thick rice noodles, and flavorful mutton soup. If you’re passing through Chishang, you must try the fried tofu skin with fresh soy milk. Visit a Taitung tribe and taste the aboriginal veggie congee, or have some a-bai with chili peppers for breakfast.

Does the idea of tasting all kinds of Taitung specialty breakfasts at once sound appealing? Come visit the ‘2023 Taitung Slow Food Festival Breakfast Table’ during the spring and summer of 2023. Chefs and vendors from around Taitung will gather at Taitung Forest Park to create a Cultural Taitung Breakfast map, where you can experience the spirit of a slow food feast. Listen and learn about the stories and precious memories of the local breakfast scene.

The Taitung County government is collaborating with Taitung Hospitality Vendors to offer special deals during the Slow Food Festival. Whether you prefer sticking to traditional flavors or exploring innovative fusion tastes, we welcome you to come and enjoy the breakfast table with us. Indulge in the happiness each delicious bite brings and experience the unique charisma of this lovely city. (Photo Credit: FB@Slow Food Taitung

Date: April 29-30, 2023

Time: 9:00-14:00

Location: Taitung Forest Park

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