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2021 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival 【To Be Postponed】

The annual event of “Taiwan International Balloon Festival” will be held at the Luye Highland in Taitung County from July 3 to August 8, 2021. A total 37 days festival is the longest hot air balloon festival in the world as well as the only hot air balloon festival to be held in 2021.

臺東縣政府提供-2020臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華-0051 (1)

The Taiwan International Balloon Festival has 11 years of history, with more than one million tourists had joined this festival over the past years. Though the globe faced a sharp decline in foreign tourists in the midst of the global pandemic, the number of guests attending still exceeded 1.2 million in this world’s well-known carnival. The Taitung County Government invites hot air balloons from all over the globe to join in this grand event. With the combination of local culture and innovation, the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival has become a must-attend event on the beautiful east coast of Taiwan. 2021 The Taiwan International Balloon Festival will be held at Luye, guests will surround in the background of the East Rift Valley and soak in the Night Glow Concert under the starry sky. We’re honored to announce that the Travel Channel has selected Taiwan International Balloon Festival as one of the 12 most amazing hot air balloon festivals in the world!

The Taiwan International Balloon Festival also provides multiple activities, including tethered balloon rides, hot air balloon-free flights, and night glow concerts, etc. Guests can enjoy seeing the colorful hot air balloons rising into the sky, or soar into the clouds in the beautiful Rift Valley scenery during the day. In the evening, guests can feel the charm of light and shadow under the starry night sky. Taitung welcomes you to join in this unparalleled hot air balloon feast this summer!

(Photo Credit:Taitung County Government)

Date: July 3rd (Saturday) to August 8th (Sunday), 2021
Location: No. 145, Lane 42, Gaotai Road, Yong’an Village, Luye Township, Taitung County
Time: Please check the Official Website for updates

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