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2021 East Coast Land Art Festival

The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration has organized the East Coast Land Art Festival since 2015. This festival showcases the scenic beauty, indigenous culture, natural habitats and travel destinations along Taitung’s coastline. The East Coast Land Art Festival gives you the opportunity to meld travel with the natural and architectural beauty of Taitung. Through this type of travel, you can truly experience the unique aesthetic of Taitung’s coastal towns.


Over the years, the East Coast Land Art Festival has been made up of three main elements: “Art Instillations,” “Moonlight Sea Concerts,” and “Open Workshops.” These elements attract visitors as well as promote interaction between artists and the indigenous community. 2021 is the 7th year that the East Coast Land Art Festival has been held. The festival’s theme for this year is “A Coastal Mountain Lullaby.” Also, this is the first time the festival will host a “Mobile Stage for the Arts.” This will take the festival to more locations and bring artists together from all along the East Coast. The first step in this process was to select a group of performers, artists and creatives that represent the area from Hualien to Taitung’s South Link. The “Mobile Stage for the Arts,” will hold events from mid-April until November. These novel events have already boosted the online presence for the East Coast Land Art Festival. Over the years, we hope that the arts will move us past limitations due to location. More importantly, the Land Art Festival aims to cultivate a thriving arts scene along the East Coast.

The seven Moonlight Sea Concerts have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year. However, the art instillations, based on the theme “A Coastal Mountain Lullaby,” are still being put up according to schedule. 6 artists who have lived on the East Coast long term have been invited create instillations at various scenic spots. The artists include Gieh Wen Lin, Shu-Ling Lin, Ruby Swana, Chien Wei Bali, Iyo Kacaw, and Tapiwulan Kulele. The instillations will be placed at Stone Umbrella Recreation Area, Chenggong Costal Park, Jialulan Recreation Area and the Hualien Visitor’s Center. As of now, all the instillations have been successfully placed. Pending the epidemic, these instillations will be unveiled to the public one by one via online exhibitions. In addition, events planned for the “Mobile Stage for the Arts” in July are either postponed or have moved online. These events will be rescheduled based on COVID-19 case numbers. For the latest information, please visit the COVID-19 section of the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration’s website or the East Coast Land Art Festival website.

(Photo Credit:IG@angelytien)