Enter the Humble Towns of the East Rift Valley, Experience Field Art

The crisp chirping of insects and birds flow through the rice paddy waves. The East Rift Valley towns have a humble ambiance where the earth nurtures and inspires beauty and poetry. In this artistic trip, we will bring you through Chishang, Guanshan, and Luye to strike the deepest emotions in your heart.

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Day 1: Chishang


Witness Regional Revitalization: Fuyuan Blacksmith Workshop

The saying goes to strike while the iron is hot. Come and visit Fuyuan Blacksmith Workshop and witness the furnaces used to mold metal. Listen to the owner, Mr. Zheng Mingsheng, tell you all about his experience with metalworking to truly understand the professionalism behind this art form. Most kitchen knives on the market have been manufactured in factories. Traditional blacksmith shops are scarce these days. In order to protect the blacksmithing culture, Zheng Mingsheng applied for his workshop to be a Taitung Community Development vendor. There are many different knives at the workshop including kitchen knives, axes, shovels, and more. All of the knives and tools at the store are completely hand-made. Besides providing high-quality knives made from artillery shell steel, Zheng also began making gift sets, including mini shovel and axe keychains that have the location “Chishang” engraved, making them the perfect memorabilia or souvenir.

(Photo credit: IG@liweicheng0411)

  • Address: No. 194-1 Zhongshan Rd., Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 0933-865-919
  • Opening Time: 09:00–11:00; 14:00–18:00; 19:00–22:00 (Closed on Saturday)
  • Website: Fanpage

  • 4.5公里咖啡1ok@wendy70091
  • 4.5公里咖啡2ok@wendy70091
  • 4.5公里咖啡3ok@wendy70091
  • 4.5公里咖啡4ok@wendy70091

Enjoy Art and Literature with Coffee: 4.5KM Cafe

Located at the 4.5 KM mark of Provincial Highway 197, 4.5KM Cafe is more than just a coffee shop. Owner Peng Mingtong also uses the cafe as his art workshop. To Peng, the coffee he makes is as much one of his creations as his art is. He believes that mood and status will affect how your artwork and even coffee turn out. The cafe is a platform and space where he can share his hobbies with his patrons. There are large batik and calligraphy works hung along the walls of the cafe as well as wood carvings placed strategically throughout the space. Come and sip on a rich cup of hand-brewed coffee and immerse yourselves in the artistic ambiance, chat with the owner about life and art, and enjoy a relaxing time. (Photo Credit: IG@wendy70091)

  • Address: No. 33 Shuizhui, Fuxing Village, Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 0919-598-046
  • Opening Time: 10:00–18:00 (Closed from Monday to Thursday)
  • Website: Fanpage
  • 池上5159懷舊民宿ok@yaya66618
  • 池上5159懷舊民宿@ 33 Yushan 33

Check into a Collector’s Treasure Chest – Chishang Old Days 5159

Do you collect your ticket stubs, postcards, or memorabilia? Then checking into Chishang Old Days 5159 is the perfect match for you. The owner, Hong Zhengrong, channeled his passion for collecting things into the inspiration for his bed and breakfast. He displays many antique furniture pieces in the nostalgic and humble space. There are also mugs that Hong has collected from his travels around the world amongst endless other surprises waiting to be discovered by guests. The owner couple is friendly and hospitable and the rooms are clean and comfortable. Guests are sure to have a positive and heart-warming stay. (Photo Credit: IG@_33_yushan_33_)

  • Address: No. 12 Renai Rd., Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 0931-281-676 (please contact the B&B directly regarding room bookings)
  • Website: Fanpage

Day 2: Guanshan, Luye


Admire Amis Wood Sculpture: Ihaw Art Studio

When you enter the Ihaw Art Studio at Guanshan’s Takofan Tribe, you’ll find yourself surrounded by wood sculptures covered in Amis totems. The artist, Huang Yongbao, breathes life into each masterpiece with his intricate skills and techniques. Each piece tells a story from within the tribe. The Studio is named after Huang’s Amis name “lhaw Lamerw”. As aboriginal history was mainly passed down by word of mouth, lacking detailed documentation, Huang gradually recorded the stories and memories of the tribe in his artwork. Look carefully at these pieces and you’ll find traces of the lives of the tribe. Ihaw Art Studio also provides woodworking lessons. Those who are interested in woodworking are welcome to make a reservation and try their hand at it.

  • Address: No. 52 Neighborhood 5, Yongfeng, Guanshan Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-931-377
  • Opening Time: 10:00–17:00 (Closed Monday and Tuesday)
  • Website: Fanpage

  • 鹿野書苑1ok@renshenghmm
  • 鹿野書苑2ok@renshenghmm
  • 鹿野書苑3ok@renshenghmm

Artistic Stroll through the Countryside: Luye Book Garden

Pure white walls with a gray rooftop, an old building stands in a village surrounded by greenery with wafts of coffee and tea lightly drifting in the air. This beautiful location will make you feel like you’re in heaven on earth. This is where Luye Book Garden is located. The old building was renovated using permaculture designs that take land formation, lighting, and surrounding space into consideration, seeking coexistence between man and nature. As a big fan of Humanities and Arts, the owner, Hong YiJia built the Book Garden under the 4 themes “clay, tea, books, and art”, creating a tea room, cafe, book store, and exhibition space in the book garden. There are also art classes, lectures, and exhibitions that are held here from time to time. Enjoy a coffee in this laid-back space, discover new books, appreciate art, and enjoy a unique and relaxing time. (Photo Credit: IG@renshenghmm)

  • Address: No. 563 Guangrong Rd., Luye Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-552-223 (reservation required)
  • Opening Time: 10:00–17:00 (Closed from Monday to Thursday)
  • Suggested visit time: Fanpage


Handmade Moxa Stick Healing Experience – Luye Food and Lodging

Handmade arts and crafts are fun and beautiful, but they also allow us to get reconnected to our lives and become closer to people and nature. As the weather warms up, mosquitoes can be a bother. Many insecticides include chemicals that are harmful to our bodies and the environment. Come to Luye Food and Lodging and try out the handmade DIY course where you’ll go home with a natural remedy that will keep mosquitoes away. During this course, you will crush dried mugwort into moxa and fill them carefully in rolled paper to form a tight stick. The process requires great focus and patience. The final product will repel mosquitoes and the natural scent is also calming and relaxing.

  • Address: No. 153 Section 2 Ruijing Rd., Luye Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 0925-728-828 (reservation required for the course)