The Lazy Man’s Guide to the 2023 Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Where to this summer? The Taiwan International Balloon Festival always makes it on the list of hottest summer destinations! Luye Highland, which commands a great bird’s eye view of the area, occasionally becomes cloud-wrapped, making the hot air balloons appear to be floating on the clouds in a mystical and magical manner.

This article will give complete information about the event, including the unique highlights of the event, and other general information such as the date, location, price, and how to get to the festival. Activity information on the tethered balloon ride experience, a journey through the sky, Night Glow Concert, event itinerary, and boarding accommodation recommendations will all be provided in the Lazy Man’s Guide to the 2023 Taiwan International Balloon Festival!

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The 2023 Taiwan International Balloon Festival will kick off in Taitung on June 30th and be ongoing for 60 days

The Taiwan International Balloon Festival will enter its 13th year this year. The festival will be held in Luye Highlands in Taitung from June 30th until August 28th. As pandemic regulations are slowly being lifted this year, the festival is going to return with a bang, with brand-new balloons making their debut and a more extensive fleet of drones for a grand show. In addition, to provide a complete experience for the guests, the Night Glow Concert and All Balloons Afloat grand opening will take place on two separate days. We welcome the world to come and experience the unique charisma of Taitung’s Balloon Festival.

The 2022 Taiwan International Balloon Festival set a record for the number of attendees at 1.23 million visitors, and received the highest honor, the Platinum award, in the US 2022 MUSE Design Awards. As the event will be held during peak season in the summer, we suggest planning and booking your stay soon. Please visit the official webpage where more details on the events will be posted.

Basic information: Date, Location, Admissions Fare
– Date: June 30th- Aug 28th, 2023 (60 day period)
– Location: No. 46, Gaotai Rd., Luye Township, Taitung County
– Event hot-line: 0903-847866
– Admissions: Free Admissions to the event. Tickets are only required for participating in the tethered balloon ride experience

For updated information regarding the Taiwan International Balloon Festival, please refer to:
Official Website
Facebook Fan Page



-North Bound:
Follow Provincial Highway 9 past the Luye Bridge and turn left at East Rural Highway 33 until you reach the Longma Road intersection, turn left and continue until you reach Gaotai Road where you should turn right. You will arrive at Luye Highland.

-South Bound:
Follow Provincial Highway 9 until you reach the Tai Sugar Gas station on the Yongan Road/ East Rural Highway 33 intersection. Turn left at the Yongle Road/ East Rural Highway 33 intersection, turn left when you reach Gaotai Road (You will see a large teapot) and you will arrive at Luye Highland.

Highway Bus Carrier
The main bus that services the Luye area is the East Taiwan Bus, and the East Rift Valley Line (8168A). You can reach the Luye Highland venue by taking the East Rift Valley Line 8168A. (Bust stop location: Once you exit the Luye Train Station, follow Zhongzheng Road for a 3-minute walk and turn left. You will see the bus stop.

Taiwan Railway Trains
Taiwan Railway Trains: Take the train to the “Taitung Train Station” or the “Luye Train Station” then take the East Rift Valley Line (8168A) to the Luye Highland Station

Taxi services: take the taxi directly to the venue

Activities: tethered balloon ride, a journey through the sky, Night Glow Concert

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride Experience
For the tethered balloon ride, the hot air balloon will be tied to a location on the ground and lifted into the sky. Each ride will last around 5 minutes and hold 3-4 passengers. The tethered balloon ride will begin in the afternoon of July 1st, and two sessions will be held the following day, morning: 5:30-7:30, and afternoon: 17:00-19:00. Tickets can be purchased at the event or pre-booked online.

Journey Through the Sky
Do you want to experience flying through the air? A journey through the sky is taken without the balloon being tied down, passengers will float along with the wind where you can have a bird’s eye view of Taitung’s beautiful mountains and waters! If you want to make a reservation for a journey through the air, please contact Sky Rainbow Airlines to book your flight (Phone: 089-552233). Flights can be scheduled daily, weather permitting.

Night Glow Concert
More details regarding the concert will be published on the organizer’s official website.

Event Itinerary: How should I plan my trip? How many days should we plan to stay?

If you’re traveling to Taitung to attend the 2023 Taiwan International Balloon Festival, you can’t leave without checking out Taitung. Stay for a few days and explore Taitung’s great mountains and waters. We suggest scheduling a minimum of a two-day one-night trip for this!

Itinerary: Chulu RanchYuan Sen Garden (Healthy Hot Pot) → Yulungchuan Ecological Trail – black oolong tea tasting → back to your accommodation

Day2: (dawn) Luye Highland International Balloon Festival → Mr. Brown Avenue → Dapo Lake, Chishang Lunch box → Guanshan Bike TrailWuling Green Tunnel → back home

Accommodation recommendations

When reminiscing about travel memories, the housing accommodations always play a vital part in the experience. We have some recommendations for camping areas around the Luye area where you will be able to enjoy front-row views of the mountain and oceans under the starry night sky, or select a nice B&B to relax and discover a unique Taitung.

Taitung B&Bs: Accommodations in Taitung for Balloon Watching

Taitung Camping: Luye Highland Campsite

Located right beside the venue for the International Balloon Festival, you will be able to view the magnificent sight of the balloons taking off into the sky right from your tent. Due to the lack of light pollution and the altitude of the campsite, you will also be able to take in the stunning starry sky on clear cloudless nights. You can rent a camping platform from the campsite, and they even have tent equipment to select from. The campsite has complete facilities that will provide a pleasant and relaxing camping experience.

Luye Highland Campsite

Address: No. 133, Lane 42, Gaotai Rd., Yongan Village, Luye Township, Taitung County

Phone Number: 0907-106-938

Taitung Camping: Three Sister Happy Campsite

Three Sister Happy Campsite is located in Luye Township in Taitung County in the Luming Suspension Bridge recreation area. The campsite is between mountains where you will be able to enjoy nature to the fullest. There are cabins as well as a campground, with multiple showers, washing machines, and other facilities. You can also find a hot spring venue right across from the campsite where you can enjoy a nice relaxing soak.

Three Sister Happy Campsite

Address: No. 5, Lane 100, Luming Rd., Luye Township, Taitung County

Phone Number: 08 956 1090