“Discover Taitung” values and respects the privacy of netizens. To help you understand how “Discover Taitung” collects, uses and protects your personal information, please read the following “Discover Taitung” privacy protection policy. This policy will help you understand the government’s policies and principles for collecting, using and protecting the personal information of netizens when you use the services provided by “Discover Taitung” and its extended service websites.

Scope of Application

The following privacy protection policy applies to the collection, use and protection of personal data involved in your activities on “Discover Taitung” and its extended service websites. However, it does not apply to other websites linked by “Discover Taitung”. When you conduct activities on these websites, the privacy protection policies of the respective websites shall apply to the protection of personal data.

Personal information collection method

“Discover Taitung” collects personal data of netizens through the following channels:

  • Online activities and online surveys

    When you participate in the “Discover Taitung” online activities, you may be asked to provide personal information such as your name, ID number, phone number, e-mail address, and address. Some users may be restricted to participate in the activities if they don’t provide these information. You may also participate in sweepstakes, contests or marketing activities sponsored by other websites or organizations because of the hyperlinks in the advertising channel of “Discover Taitung”. These organizations or linked websites have their own personal information that you actively provide. For individual privacy protection policies, the data processing measures do not apply to the privacy protection policies of this website. “Discover Taitung” cannot bear any joint liability.

  • Newsletter Subscription

    When you want to obtain the information service of “Discover Taitung” through your e-mail, you must fill in the basic information such as e-mail, gender, etc. to ensure that you can receive the required information. “Discover Taitung” will retain the information you fill in due to operational needs and provide services for canceling or changing subscriptions.

  • General browsing

    “Discover Taitung ” will keep relevant records (LOG) generated by the server itself when netizens browse or submit an inquiry online, including the IP address of the connected device, time spent on the site, browser used, browsing and click data records, etc. “Discover Taitung” will mark the browsers of individual users and summarize the user’s browsing history within the “Discover Taitung” site. Unless you are willing to share your personal information, otherwise “Discover Taitung” does not and cannot match this record with your personal data.

  • Other

    In addition to actively logging in and providing personal information on the website, you may actively provide your personal information such as email, name, etc. in the “Discover Taitung” unit. This form of information provision is not within the scope of the privacy protection policy of “Discover Taitung”. In addition, if you write to us or respond to your opinions through other channels, “Discover Taitung” will also keep records of your messages confidential.

Use of Cookies and Policy

In order to provide personalized services, “Discover Taitung” sometimes uses Cookie technology to store and track the information of netizens at certain times. Cookies are short data sent from a website to a browser and stored on the hard disk of the user’s computer. Users can choose to modify the browser’s acceptance of cookies in the “Advanced” of Netscape’s “Functional Settings” or “Security” of IE’s “Internet Options”, including accepting all cookies, being notified when setting cookies, and rejecting all cookies etc. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use the personalized services or participate in some activities. Generally speaking, this website will write and read cookies in the browsers of netizens based on the following purposes and circumstances:

  • To provide better and more personalized service

    Facilitate your participation in personalized interactive activities. Cookies are created when you register or log in and modified when you log out.

  • To count the number of visitors and analyze browsing patterns

    To understand the situation of web browsing, as a reference for improving services.

  • To track the situation of clicking on promotional advertisements or participating in marketing activities:

    When sending newsletters or website-sponsored marketing activities, cookies are sometimes written to track the level of participation of netizens and related data throughout the activity.

How to use personal data

“Discover Taitung” will not sell, rent or exchange any of your personal data to other groups or individuals. Only in the following situations, “Discover Taitung” will share your personal data with third parties under the principles of this policy.

Statistics and analysis

“Discover Taitung” conducts internal or commissioned academic research on the number, interests and behavior of users based on user registration, questionnaire surveys, marketing activities or server log files. This research is based on the statistical analysis and sorting of the data of all netizens. All public information or analysis reports will only analyze and publish the total behavior of all users and will not provide analysis reports of individual data of specific objects.

How to share and disclose information

“Discover Taitung” will not arbitrarily sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal information to other groups or individuals. “Discover Taitung” will only share your personal data with third parties under the following principles of this policy.

  • To provide you with other services or preferential rights

    When you need to share your information with a third party who provides the service or discount, “Discover Taitung” will provide a full explanation during the event and notify you before the data collection. You are free to choose whether to accept this particular service or Offers.

  • To add value, evaluation and research service quality

    In order to provide users with accurate and high-quality services, “Discover Taitung” has to compare user data with third-party data in accordance with the data confidentiality agreement. In addition, in order to introduce our services and other legal purposes to future partners, advertising units and other third parties, “Discover Taitung” has to disclose the user’s statistical data under an anonymous situation.


“Discover Taitung ” is obligated to protect the privacy and personal data of its netizens, and will not modify, delete or provide any (or part of) personal data and files of netizens without your own consent. Unless you agree in advance or meet the following conditions:

  1. The inspection unit of the Republic of China conducts inspections through legal procedures.
  2. Violation of relevant website regulations and has caused intimidation.
  3. Based on the consideration of actively extending the service benefits of government websites.
  4. Protect the legal use rights of other netizens.

Matters needing attention when using our information on our website

All data in “Discover Taitung” (including graphic files and text files) belong to the Taitung County Government (except for links to external websites from this website). Any information in “Discover Taitung” or links to any webpage on this website, please write to our government or send it to the service mailbox by e-mail, and obtain the consent of our government before quoting.

Privacy protection policy consultation

“Discover Taitung” will revise this policy from time to time to comply with the latest privacy protection regulations. When the regulations on the use of personal data are substantially revised, the government will post a notice on the web page to notify you of relevant matters.

Privacy protection policy revision