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A Leisurely Tour of Rice Country: Nature’s

Chishang and Guanshan are famous in Taiwan for high-quality rice and idyllic pastoral scenery. To enjoy the beauty of Taitung’s East Rift Valley in a different way, why not try learning about the rich agricultural history of the area? In addition to admiring the beautiful scenery, one can also experience the joys of collecting honey, making rice straw massage sticks, and more! Follow us into the beautiful Taitung countryside and you will be sure to leave with plenty of wonderful memories.

Morning: Guanshan Township Farmers’ Association Recreation Center → Guanshan Degao Community Land Art → Chishang Happy Bee Farm
Afternoon: SOHER Café (lunch) → Rice Straw Massage Brush Workshop/Chishang Farmers’ Association → Chishang Art Center
Evening: Vegetarian Boy (Dinner) → Cha Tian Guan She B&B (Accommodation)


First Stop
Rice: A Sensory Experience
Guanshan Township Farmer’s Association Recreation Center

Guanshan is famous for its high quality rice and scenic mountains and rivers. A trip to Guanshan isn’t complete without trying a bowl of the incredible local rice.  To get to know Guanshan better, there is no better place to start than the Guanshan Township Farmer’s Association Recreation Center!

The Guanshan Township Farmer’s Association Recreation Center is located along Provincial Highway 9. Converted from an old rice mill and barn by the Guanshan Township Farmer’s Association, the renovated space has become a “school” for those seeking to learn more about rice.  Offering a rice cultural relics museum, a rice workshop space, a rice carving classroom, and an agricultural products exhibition center, the “school” provides the public with a multi-sensory experience of rice. Not only can one learn about the process of rice production, but also eat, create, and buy Guanshan rice at the center.

It’s time for class! Walk into the classroom and let the sweet smell of fresh rice waft towards you. Learn about the different types of rice strains, learn to use traditional rice harvesting tools, or sign up for a Rice Milling Workshop to learn the difference between, rice bran, rice screens, brown rice, and white rice. After learning more about the rice milling process, you will get to take home your own 1 KG bag of fragrant rice with its own commemorative box and personalized cloth bag. After leaving with your freshly milled rice, enjoy the magnificent display of flowers at the Guanshan Floral Sea right next door. ( Photo Credit: IG @magicshih)

Address: No. 24-1, Changlin Road, Guanshan Town, Taitung County
Contact number: 089-814-903
Business hours: 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Suggested Time Allotment: 1.5 hours (The activity takes roughly 30 minutes)


2nd Stop
Music in the Fields
Guanshan Degao Community

Imagine yourself in a lush rice field, a gentle romantic piano melody rings in your ears. As you find yourself in the Degao Community, you will find a very special “piano” in the middle of the rice field.

This “piano” was originally an instillation created in 2020 for the “Stray Birds 197-2020 East Rift Valley Landart Festival”. The work is titled “AWIDAY TO SIPALAAY: Giving Thanks for the Land’s Blessings,” and was created by Paiwan artist Adan Daruzalong and woodworker Chen Qin. The work is lovingly called “Playing the Piano For a Cow” by locals due to its design. The piece is an expression of gratitude to the land and the farmers that care for it. Choosing a water buffalo as the focal point of the piece, the artist intended to show that humans and animals are all an equal part of nature. The musical notes on the cow’s back symbolize a dialogue with the land through music. The taro leaves sloping down beside the animals pay homage to the farmers who toil all year to care for the land.

Although I do not know how to play the piano, I sit in front of its glistening keys and breathe in the sweet, sweet smell of freshly harvested rice. As the breeze blows gently through the golden fields of grain, I close my eyes and the rustling symphony of rice ears sooth my heart and soul. As if each ear of rice in front of my eyes is its own musical note, this truly must be the symphony of the land. ( Photo Credit: IG @junjunmylife )

Address: Degao Village, Guanshan Township, Taitung County
Ticket Cost: Free
Suggested Time: 1 hour


4th Stop
Tasting the Fragrance of Rice

Come to Chishang, a town where time stands still, and drink a bowl of traditional rice milk as you breathe in the nostalgic atmosphere of the town. SOHER Café is not only a great place to dine, but also a fine location to relax your body and soul.

The SOHER Café is derived from the Chinese characters “Shou” and “He”. The character “Shou” was chosen to commemorate how the owner, Daxiong, first moved with his family of three to Taitung from northern Taiwan. The character “He” represents the ears of rice that are the lifeline of Chishang. Having come to Chishang for work, Daxiong was immediately awestruck with the romantic pace of life and idyllic landscapes of his new home. Not long after, his family moved together to Chishang to help develop a variety of delicious food and drinks for the cafe and convey the beauty of Chishang to weary travelers through the comfort of lovingly cooked food.

The cafe offers an assortment of rice-based delicacies, including chewy rice noodles, fragrant rice dumplings, and scrumptious rice-based set meals. While the meals are both delicious and nutritious, SOHER Café is most famous for its drinks, specifically rice milk and black fungus drinks. The rice milk uses finely ground rice to create a smooth refreshing beverage that is just slightly sweet. It also comes in a variety of flavors, including taro, sesame, matcha, and chocolate. The cafe’s black fungus drink is made from meticulously simmering black fungus for 14 hours over low heat. The resulting concoction is sweet, comforting, and great for your skin! ( Photo Credit: IG @fe780914 )

Address: No. 225, Zhongshan Road, Chishang Township, Taitung County
Contact number: 0905-556-685
Opening Hours: 12:00 AM -09:00 PM


5th Stop
Rice Straw Massage Brush DIY
Chishang Farmers’ Association

Do you often suffer from backaches due to work? Then why not make an appointment with the Chihshang Farmers’ Association to make your own rice straw massage brush! Not only can you use it for self-massage, it also makes for an interesting and useful gift.

The rice straw massage brush is made primarily of rice stalks left over from the rice harvesting process. After being dried in the sun, the stalks are then removed of their rough outer layers. In the workshop, the teacher will guide students on how to select the best stalks for your brush. Together you will arrange the stalks neatly, finally folding and tying them to make your own natural and easy to use massage brush. Though the process sounds simple, it’s quite a test of one’s craftsmanship.

After completing your brush, try massaging any tight muscles on your body by lightly tapping the area repeatedly to promote blood circulation and relaxation. The brush’s taps should feel firm but with a slight amount of give. With each gentle tap, you can feel any stress and tightness gradually leave your body as you feel the soul of Chishang in your brush.

Address: No.302, Zhongshan Road, Chishang Township, Taitung County
Contact number: 089-862-010
Business hours: 08:00 AM -03:30 PM (Closed on Saturdays and Sundays)
Tickets: Please Contact the Chishang Farmer’s Association
Suggested Time Allotment: 1.5 hours


8th Stop
Enjoying the Small Town Slow-Life
Cha Tien Guan She Villa B&B

The Cha Tien Guan She Villa B&B offers six different room types, including two-person rooms, three-person rooms(child-friendly) and 4-person rooms. There are two types of child-friendly rooms that offer a fun and safe environment for your children. With an assortment of toys and child-friendly amenities, parents can rest and recharge while the kids have a blast. The rooms are bright, spacious, have proper ventilation, and are well furnished. They are also a great place to stay in, read a book, and listen to music if you don’t feel like going out. Surrounded by rice fields and quite residential areas, the surrounding space is quiet and serene. During the day, you can look out the window to enjoy the magnificent mountains and rice fields in the distance, while at night you can gaze at the night stars. The owner also cooks a delicious breakfast. Many of the guests come down specifically for the amazing home-cooked meal! ( Photo Credit: IG @teatien_bnb )

Address: No. 99, Pingdeng Road, Guanshan Township, Taitung County
Contact number: 089-815-098