[Taitung Nightlife] Sleepless in Taitung: a Selection of Popular Taitung Bars!

Have you come to Taitung for travel, but have not adjusted your “urban clock” yet? Do you want to find a cool place to chat with friends? Check out the selected bars in Taitung, which are an excellent choice for evening entertainment!


A Place with Booze and a Story—Midnight Story.Changbin

It is getting late in Changbin and all the shops in the town are closing up for the night. Only one dim yellow light hangs before a store, the rays sway in the evening breeze. The interior of the store is simple and there’s lyrical music playing in the background. This spot is relaxing and perfect for either a solo drink or a small gathering of friends.

The bar has been named Midnight Story because much of it seems to have to do with a story. All the wonderful things about Changbin are like a beautiful story, urging longtime Kaohsiung bar owner, Echo, to move to Taitung and open up shop here. Midnight Story is also a B&B. What’s so unique about this bar is that each drink has its own story. Their Feeling of Heartbreak for example, has a sour forward and salty finish. The flavor’s inspiration came from a patron’s heartbreak experience. The Heartbreaker combines two strong spirits, whiskey and absinthe. Turns out this is one of Echo’s concoctions of redemption. If you’re having trouble sleeping, come to Midnight Story and listen to the owner share his story with you. You can also order an aboriginal special for a change. (Photo IG@cat89521929

康杯1ok@comeback Taitung
康杯2ok@comeback Taitung

Order Up a Drink to Drown Your Sorrows—Come Back

“Devote your days to work, and your nights to yourselves.” Come Back, located in Taitung City, has a comfortable and quiet ambiance, and acts like a shelter for your soul. This is the perfect location to get a drink and relax.

“Kang Bei” and “Come Back” both come from being a homophone of the Japanese term, kanpai, to mean cheers. Raising a toast and drinking isn’t only about drinking alcohol, it entails friendship, gives the satisfaction of accomplishing something, and even provides a sense of ritual. The bar has two floors, offering spacious seating and relaxing music to create a comfortable space for guests to de-stress and cheer with one another.

The mixed drinks at Come Back are named after songs, such as their Four Seasons With You, Sea of Stars, The Cure, and more. There are sweet, floral, or tea-flavored drinks to pick from. Guests who have trouble making up their minds can even ask the bartender to mix a unique drink to their taste. (Photo Credit:IG@comeback_taitung

米吧ok@mixxbar Cocktail

Taitung City’s Classy Cocktails—Mixx Bar

Mixx Bar is hidden away in a little alley and patrons can easily miss it if they’re not looking carefully. The interior is decorated with dark navy marble stones paired with teak bars and floors, giving off a classy and relaxed vibe. The bar is stocked with a wide variety of liquors including whiskeys, vodkas, gins, and more. The wall of glasses and bottles is also very impressive to look at.

The mixed drinks offered at Mixx aren’t just pretty to look at, the flavors are original, and they even offer Taitung-themed shots, combining various flavors to create a Taitung element. Their Bombing Handan for example, combines cream liquor, coffee, and cinnamon to make a silky and fragrant drink that makes one think of the culture behind local traditions. Their An Acre of Tea Garden combines various teas as the base, including Taitung’s famous black Oolong and Roselle tea. There are also classic tea flavors, Green Tea or Earl Gray, to choose from. The aromatic scent of tea will linger and make an unforgettable experience. (Photo Credit:IG@mixxbar_cocktail

有海@1981hostel (2)

Tranquil and Healing Bar—Your Sea

As the night falls, you might be looking for a quiet place to grab a drink. Come on down to Your Sea, located on Jilin Road in Taitung City. Your Sea looks like a normal old house from the outside. Open the doors to this little restaurant and you’ll find spotted walls, dim lights, and retro sofas. Most of the classic elements of the house have been kept to create a quiet space that has a resemblance to a heartwarming midnight diner.

Your Sea Bar offers many drinks that use aboriginal rice wine as the base at a friendly price. Your Sea is quite a cozy space, but the owner only set out a few tables so that each seating area remains comfortable and spacious, perfect for a gathering of 2-3 friends. If you want to pair your drink with something yummy, there is a hidden food menu. The owner will custom-make the food to cater to your tastes. Your Sea is often booked out during the weekends. Those who are planning to visit this soulful spot should consider making a reservation by phone. (Photo Credit:IG@1981hostel

  • Address: No. 607 Section 2 Jilin Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County
  • Phone: 0930-702-710
  • Opening Time: 18:00–00:00 (Thursdays to Sundays) 00:00–12:00, 18:00–00:00 (Wednesdays) (Closed on Tuesdays)
轆邊小酒館2ok@ Risheng 12

Hot Spot for a Small Group of Friends—Tatihi No Lalan

After a long day of work, all you want to do is meet a couple of good friends, grab some drinks, catch up, and enjoy a relaxing night. Tatihi No Lalan, located on Mahengheng Boulevard, is an elegant semi-outdoor bar. The comfortable and warm ambiance will make you slow down and cast all your troubles away.

The interior of Tatihi No Lalan is decorated with wood, creating a comfortable and classy dining space. There is a grassy yard outdoors so that patrons can enjoy a drink under the starry night sky and gentle breeze while listening to some light music. The experience will change how you think of the typical bar. Besides the classic mixed drinks, spirits, and beers, Tatihi No Lalan offers unique aboriginal mixed drinks that use locally-sourced ingredients. Your Smile for example, is a mixed drink made with Da869 glutinous rice wine. Roselle Words combines roselle syrup from Jinfeng Township, vodka, and other ingredients. The drinks are smooth and go down easily. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised by them. (Photo Credit: IG@_risheng_12IG@baychi999

安逸酒吧1ok@angit Bar
安逸酒吧2ok@angit Bar

Tipsy Island Evening—Angit Bar

It’s quite a beautiful experience to visit Orchid Island, enjoy the evening breeze, listen to the rolling waves, and share a drink with your friend.

Angit Bar, located in Yeyou Village Orchid Island, is housed in a bright orange iron sheet house. The vibrant colors will put you into vacation mode right away and wisp you away from the hustle and bustle of city life! If you are visiting Angit Bar, you must try out their signature drinks inspired by Orchid Island vibes: Orchid Secret, Orchid Sour, and Orchid Sea Breeze. These drinks are refreshing and sweet, transforming the ocean breezy vibes into a beautiful light buzz. In addition to their stunning mixed drinks, Angit Bar also offers a variety of dishes including hot-pressed sandwiches, fried goodies, seafood, and flying fish rice balls. You’ll be able to satisfy your belly as well as quench your thirst at Angit Bar.

There’s a large map of Orchid Island at the Angit Bar where patrons can add their photos from around the island to share their precious memories of the trip with other visitors. Share fun destinations and delicious food spots, and let’s create our unique Orchid Island trail. (Photo Credit:IG@angit_bar


Insta Worthy Campground Bar on Green Island—Oasis

The hottest vacation style these days is gathering up a group of friends and going on a camping trip. Hang around the tent and chat through the night for a fun and heartwarming vacation. Although Oasis doesn’t offer housing, the magical tent, strings of lights, wooden benches, and pebble flooring replicate the camp ground vibe perfectly. The space is perfect for hanging out with a group of friends and enjoying drinks in a relaxing and romantic environment. The glow of the string lights in the night sky transforms the bar into an Insta Worthy set.

There are two rows of tents at Oasis that can accommodate up to 4 people per tent. This type of setup offers privacy under the open and endless starry sky. Oasis offers a variety of mixed drinks. The Aiai Island on Fire, Romantic Island, and Diver’s Life are all Green Island-themed. The drink’s special taste and look make them the bar’s popular drinks. (Photo Credit:FB@流浪‧綠境 OASIS

MOON BAR— A Great Place for Dating

MOON BAR is a bistro located on the 8th floor of Sheraton Taitung Hotel. The indoor space is stylish and spacious. During the day, you can overlook Taitung City in its entirety. During the evening, you can drink and watch the stars in the outdoor area. The atmosphere here is suitable for gathering friends and dating lovers. Spend a relaxing and romantic evening with a special cocktail at MOON BAR.

  • Address: No. 316, Zhengqi Road, Taitung City, Taitung County
  • Phone: (+886) 08-961-1622
  • Opening Time: 17:30-00:00 (dinner 17:30-21:00, late night supper 21:00-00:00)

Texas Jo’s Bar & Diner — a Relaxing Bistro

When you go to a bar, in addition to drinking alcohol, you want to also experience a pleasant vibe. If you want to relax at night, there is a small and beautiful bistro with a wooden house on the bank of the river. The layout inside gives people the feeling of being in a Western-style pub. You can choose to sit at the bar counter, or in the outdoor open space beside the river bank. Order a drink, catch a chilled breeze, and gaze into the night. Texas Jo’s Bar provides customized cocktails, which are delicious and large, so you can drink as much as you like!

  • Address: No. 51-1, Lane 889, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Taitung City
  • Phone: (+886) 08 934 2756
  • Opening Time: 20:30-01:00 (Closed on Tuesday)

Unsullied Cocktail Bar — Where Hipster Meets Qualitative Bar

This ancient Japanese building is a good place for afternoon tea during the day – Chu Chu Studio. During the evening, it transforms into a cocktail bar. The cultural and hipster atmosphere of the place continues into the night, but with an extra edge of artistic beauty. What is the relationship between the bar and art? The owner likes artistic creations, and every cocktail has its unique shape with beautiful and eye-catching visual effects! The types of cocktails on the menu are also named after Hayao Miyazaki’s animated characters, just as if there were a story behind each cocktail.

  • Address: No. 671, Section 1, Siwei Road, Taitung City, Taitung County

  • Phone: (+886) 0954 113 186
  • Opening Time: 20:00-02:00

The Hideout MMA & BJJ Gym — Cocktail X Fitness X Classic Style

Of course one cannot become fit by drinking alcohol. However, you can learn fighting and weight training, while drinking at the same time! Do you not want to exercise late at night? Walk through the fitness area to the bar inside. The decoration resembles that of classical luxury. Sit on the gorgeous sofas, have a drink, and taste healthy light food. Chat with friends, throw darts, and play with Supreme game console. Finally, if you are feeling lucky, you can also enjoy irregular fighting competitions!

  • Address: No. 259, Zhongshan Road, Taitung City, Taitung County

  • Phone: (+886) 0954 113 186
  • Opening Time: 09:00-02:00

Bao Sang Bar – Local Specialty Bar. Have a Relaxing Drink

The Bao Sang Bar on the ground floor of The Gaya Hotel is located in the center of Taitung City, nearby popular attractions such as Tiehua Village and Showtime Cinema. It is quite conveniently located if you would like to find a place to chat and have a drink after a meal. Bao Sang means Taitung, and there are many cocktails on the list named after the ethnic language of tribes in Taitung, which allows you to get to know the place better through the drinks.

  • Address: No. 169, Xinsheng Rd, Taitung City, Taitung County
  • Phone: (+886) 08 934 1593
  • Opening Time: 20:00-03:00