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Picture yourself looking up at the starry sky while laying on a sandy beach or a soft grassy lawn. You start to draft up a map of the Milky Way as you connect dots from one bright star to the next. It’s almost like being immersed in a mysterious planet somewhere in outer space in a sci-fi movie. Scenes from Star Trek are being played over and over every single night in Taitung with you playing the leading role.

The Pacific Ocean east of Taitung brings cool and refreshing sea breezes. At the same time, the dense forests in the Central Mountain ranges act as a natural air purifier for Taitung. With minimal industrialized factories in town and no modern high rises in the city center, Taitung is blessed with low light, air, and noise pollution, enabling stargazers a blindspot-free perspective of the starry sky. Taitung County Government started the Starry Taitung event and music concert series in 2018. Each year, 14 locations with the best view of the starry nights are carefully selected by the general public and special panel experts. Every location has a designated Starry Taitung guided tour, Starry Taitung tour guide training program, as well as the ever so popular Starry Taitung music concert series. With all this variety of events, you are bound to be mesmerized by Taitung’s night sky!


The Starry Taitung locations: Jialulan Recreation Area, Dulan Seascape Park, Sanxiantai, Nantian Observation Deck, Dawu Seascape Park, Chishang Dapo Lake, Guanshan Waterfront Park, Fanchuanbi Grassland , Luye Highland, King Kong Avenue, Daylily Mountain Observation Deck, Jialan Hot Springs Park, and Wulu Battery.

Official Website: Starry Taitung