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Known as Taitung’s hot event of the year, the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival is a wonderful event that you should participate in at least once in your lifetime! Whether it is family travel, couple dates, or traveling by yourself, this event welcomes all!

1. Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival – Reasons for Visiting

Bring your child – create unforgettable memories

(1) Attractive hot air balloons: The shapes of the hot air balloons are unique and attractive. When the child looks at the large balloons, he or she will be excited and find them mystifying!

(2) Childhood dreams: Watching the hot air balloons take off with your parents and taking pictures with the large balloons all come together to create beautiful family memories.

(3) Rich itinerary: The venue has a hot air balloon market, and grass sliding activities to entertain children for a full-day program!

Recommended Itinerary: Breakfast → Take the kids to watch the hot air balloons, and take pictures at Luye Highland → Lunch → Cycling along Mr. Brown Avenue / Play in the water at Yulongquan Trail

Bring your other half – Romantic surprise adventure

(1) Honeymoon Phase: The Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival is a key itinerary to get the sparks flying!

(2) Stable couples: Some people say that a marriage proposal is unforgettable throughout one’s life, so a surprise ride on a hot air balloon with your other half makes a sweet memory for a lifetime!

(3) Old Married Couple: Sit on the lawn with your life partner watching the hot air balloons lift off and drift away. This kind of quiet satisfaction embodies the deep understanding between two people!

Recommended Itinerary: Breakfast → Cycling along Mr. Brown Avenue → Lunch → Chishang Art Center → Dapo Pond → Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Event

Bring your joyful mood – Enrich your life

(1) Magnificent Experience. Unprecedented: Choose a hot air balloon to soar freely over the rice paddies and rivers nested in the East Rift Valley. The flying experience will bring an unprecedented touch to your life.

(2) Extraordinary Beauty. One of the Best Photographic Locations: Hot air balloon shows and night glow concerts bring out unprecedented visuals. During the day, dozens of large hot air balloons are present in the blue sky and green spaces. During the night, hot air balloons are intertwined with light music, making you want to return again and again!

(3) Slow down. Relax: In addition to enjoying the hot air balloons, you may wish to plan a short trip and explore the scenery nearby. Let your body and mind merge into the natural beauty, reorganize your pace and then set off.

Recommended Itinerary: Departure to Luye High Platform at 4 am → Tethering Experience → Back to the hotel to rest → Brunch → Guanshan Central Town Bike Path → Dinner → Hot Air Balloon Carving

2. Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival – Information

(1) Itinerary Details

– Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival

  • Activities: During the festival, when hot air balloons are ready, some will take off and float away, and some will remain at the venue for performances. As long as the weather is pleasant, hot air balloons can be enjoyed and photographed at Luye Highland all day.
  • Date: July 11 – August 30
  • Location: Luye Highland, Luye Township, Taitung County
  • Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival Official Website:

– Tethered Hot Air Balloon Experience

  • Activities: The hot air balloon rises and comes back down in place, allowing you to ride and float in mid-air.
  • Date: During the festival, there are also tethered hot air balloon activities every day.
  • Time: Morning – 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM (ticket sales start at 5 AM); Evening – 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (ticket sales start at 4 PM). The whole trip takes around 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Charges: (Weekdays) NT$ 500 per person per ride; (Weekdays & Holidays) NT$ 600 per person per ride

– Full Hot Air Balloon Experience

  • Activity: Departing from Luye Highland, each flight lasts around 30 minutes and descends slowly in another place.
  • Fee: NT$ 9000 per trip, and includes a guided tour
  • Facebook Page:

– Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Concerts

(2) Transportation Information

By Car

Route: Follow Provincial Highway No. 9, locating “Luye Highland” for navigation, and pay attention to one-way traffic on some roads near Gaotai Road.

Parking: You can park on the side of the road on weekdays. On weekends, closing ceremony events, or when there are many people, traffic control will be implemented. During this time, vehicles can only be parked at the Longtian landing site (Coordinates: 22.908242° 121.118343°) or Yijia Tourist Tea Garden (Coordinates: 22.935263° 121.119402 °), then transfer to the shuttle bus ahead onto the venue.

Charges for shuttle bus: NT$ 50 for full ticket; NT$ 25 for half-pice ticket; no charge for return trip

By Train

You can get off at Luye Railway Station, then transfer to the Dingdong Passenger Mountain Line (Taiwan Good Trip – East Rift Valley Line) to the venue at “Luye Highland”.