Uncle Pizza

A Tennessean who met his love in Taitung, and fell in love with Taitung at the same time, Pete settled here in Taitung since then. Although the name of the store is Uncle Pizza, he is a very talented young man who often plays music and sings in the store. The store design is in orange and green, which is filled with warmth and fusion of Chinese and western architectural style, and the paintings on the wall are all from Pete. His pizza is also known as one of the best in Taitung. The paste is well and professionally kneaded, with rich and delicious fillings on top, along with the creamy cheese to make the taste wonderful. 14-inch pizza is only made after the order is taken, which may be replaced with double-flavor as your wish. The price is unexpectedly affordable, so that guests in the store are full of smiles.(IGPhoto by @taking_a_bite_in_taitung)