Sam’s Burger

When traveling in Taitung, in addition to the downshifting and slow food, tasting the mouthful of meat may be a good choice occasionally! There is such an American burger shop at No.727 Kaifeng Street, Taitung City. The store features American-designed wooden compartment with a large blackboard where there are doll graffiti of chalk illustration to teach you how to eat their big burgers. The special meal of the shop is “Sam did not eat burger (the burger sounds like full in Chinese) for three days,” representing sound of characters. The fat and thick bacon, solid beef chops and rich cheese satisfies all diners eager for burgers. With smashing of the knives, forks and the plates, not only is it a visual feast of burgers served on the tables, but the satisfaction of wonderful taste spreads all over one’s mouth.(IGPhoto by @jiechuanlin)