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A-Mi Rice Noodles

There are plenty of delicious goodies to eat in Taitung, but when coming up with a list of the most representative Taitung dishes, traditional rice noodles will always be at the top. A famous and long-time traditional rice noodle store in Taitung, “A-Mi Rice Noodles,” is located on Fujian Rd. in Taitung City. The shop is close to the Siwei Night Market (open on Sundays) and plays a part in many locals’ childhood memories.

A-Mi Rice Noodles is famous for its old-school taste, their home-made rice noodles are bouncy and chewy. The special ratio of different rice flours is key to making delicious noodles. After blanching the noodles, the noodles are served with braised meat sauce, bonito flakes, bean sprouts, and chives. Add a little vinegar before mixing so that the noodles are completely covered in the simple yet satisfying flavors of the bonito flakes and meat sauce.

The dishes are made to order in an open kitchen so that you can see the process of creating these delicious bowls of goodness. The dining and cooking environment is clean and spacious. There are many things you can select from the menu. There is, of course, the signature traditional rice noodles, along with many other types of noodles. You can also order up a variety of side dishes, all at an affordable price. Enjoy a satisfying and filling meal for less than 100 NT. The friendly price range and the simple yet delicious flavors are what have kept A-Mi Rice Noodles in great business all these years.

Since 1978 till this day, A-Mi Rice Noodles has been cooking and serving up noodles in Taitung. The name A-Mi Rice Noodles actually has a heartwarming and fun story. The owner needed to find a way to make money while spending time with the family, so they decided to begin selling the ever-popular noodle dishes outside of the Taitung Theater. Since the owner’s name is “Wei” (in Mandarin), most customers grew accustomed to calling her A-Mi (Taiwanese). Eventually, this became the name of the noodle shop. Online, A-Mi Rice Noodles gained popularity among netizens which led to the store being selected as one of the “Local Specialty Vendors Renovated to Provide Bilingual Services” in 2020, allowing foreigners to order with ease and enjoy the traditional flavors of Taitung. (Photo Credit : 班班美食生活圈)

  • Address: No. 78 Fujian Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County

  • Phone Number: (089)351-893

  • Hours of Operation: 07:30–20:30

  • Website: Fan Page