Lao Wang Cafe & Tea Shop

Lao Wang Cafe & Tea Shop is at a prime location just by the Luye Highlands. Come visit during the Balloon Festival, you’ll be able to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while watching the balloons rise into the air. When the Balloon Festival isn’t in town, enjoy the lovely views of the rolling hills and mountains. Unlike most other cafes in tourist areas that only serve simple meals and drinks, Lao Wang Cafe & Tea shop offers a variety of quality coffee that is brewed to perfection so that guests can taste the rich and fragrant smooth coffee. Handmade pastries are made fresh each day. Hum along to the light music in the background and allow your mind and body to relax. (Photo Credit:IG@small_alberta

  • Address: No. 19 Alley 105, Lane 32 Rd., Luye Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 0910-176-827
  • Opening Time: 07:00–21:00