DuLan Viet Nam Food

Are you taking a vacation in Dulan and want to taste some exotic flavors? DuLan Viet Nam Food is owned by a Vietnamese who wanted to bring the flavors of their home country to Dulan. The food is amazing, the menu offers a wide variety to pick from, and the restaurant is always packed during meal times.

The restaurant offers Vietnamese mains, sides, stir-fries, soups, and more. You can taste authentic Vietnamese dishes such as pho, bánh mì, Vietnamese chicken salad, Vietnamese pork chop, vegetarian options, and more. The beef pho is a must-try at DuLan Viet Nam Food, the soup is fresh and sweet, the beef is tender, and the portions are filling and satisfying. The fried spring rolls are filled with pork, taro, and shrimp. Eat the spring rolls with some crisp lettuce and dipped in special fish sauce to create a symphony of tastes and textures. The pork cold plate is juicy and tender, dip it in some lemon pepper for a refreshing and tasty appetizer. The self-serve bar in the restaurant offers lemon juice, fish sauce, chili paste, and more so that you can create your customized Viet-flavored dip.

To accommodate travelers from around the world, the restaurant created a bilingual menu with pictures. The dishes come with vivid descriptions of the signature dishes and the origins of the ingredients so that foreign guests don’t have stress when putting their orders in. Guests can experience the hospitality and diversity of Taitung! (Photo Credit:IG@ling_nuu