Dulan’s Secluded Wonderland—Dulan Cape Café

Dulan’s Secluded Wonderland—Dulan Cape Café

When you reach Dulan, turn onto the minor road from Provincial Highway 11, and you’ll arrive at Dulan’s secluded wonderland—Dulan Cape Café—just a short 5-minute drive. Whether you come on a weekday or the weekend, Dulan Cape Café always has a crowd of customers. You can’t truly say that you’ve been to Dulan if you’ve never enjoyed a cup of coffee and the cool ocean breeze at Dulan Cape Café.

You can easily take in the Pacific Ocean from Dulan Cape Café, no buildings are obstructing the view and you might even catch a glimpse of Green Island in the distance on a clear day. Unlike other restaurants, the café is located on a wide and spacious field. There is a large grassy field where children and pets can run freely. Guests can also find a spot and enjoy a carefree picnic under the gentle breeze. There’s even a large pool by the ocean where the blue skies and clouds are reflecting on the rippling pool. Take a dip in the pool and you’ll feel as if you’re floating among the clouds.

The owner Fede is Italian so the restaurant serves many authentic European and Spanish dishes. Hand-made desserts such as apple pie and tiramisu are all highly recommended and scrumptiously delicious. Order up a cup of coffee and a dessert to experience a peaceful afternoon. (Photo Credit:IG@candy77702

  • Address: No. 10-14 Neighborhood 47, Jiubu Rd., Hedong Township, Taitung County

  • Opening Time: 10:00–17:30
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/capeparadisedulan/