Bliss Kitchen

In the beautiful morning, Bliss Kitchen has started the busy work of a new day, ready to satisfy every hungry traveler.When it comes to the top choice of brunch of good value for parents and children, don’t miss Bliss Kitchen. When you enter the restaurant, your eyes will be caught by the lovely painted wall. Besides the books for parents and children alike, children’s tables and chairs, play area, there is also the breastfeeding room. It’s a space for moms to feel relaxed.We also offer the meals of fresh and abundant ingredients, at a large size, and with the unique flavors. We are proud of the good taste freshly made upon ordering. Even the late birds are willing to struggle with their warm beds to become early birds for the sumptuous brunch. If you have a young child, why not take him/her to Bliss Kitchen and enjoy the leisurely and beautiful time of dining together on the weekend?(IGPhoto by @tsai._.8267)