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Jiang Mi Mi Bistro

Have you ever tried “mountain meal”?There is a creative dish exclusively belonged to “Jiang Mi Mi Bistro” in Jinlun Village that attracts tourists travelling from thousand miles away.“Mountain Meal” is also called “Yao Yao Meal” and it is a featured dish from Paiwan Tribe that developed by the hometown-returning youth and also the owner, Chih Wei. He puts various wild vegetables and rice of excellent quality into the pan and shakes it before adding specially-made sault-and-sweet fermented tofu. It marvelously creates new taste on the tip of tongue and gives a solid good flavor to the simple traditional aboriginal dish.“Jiang Mi Mi” means “talking about secret” and the owner hopes the space is for friends and family gathering here and have a nice chat while enjoying the authentic aboriginal dishes. Come to “Jiang Mi Mi” to talk about your secrets and draw the distance with your friends and family closer. (IGPhoton by @yommichen)