The sudden earthquake on September 18, 2022 in Chishang Township caused railway services from Yuli to Fuli to be discontinued. The repairs are estimated to be complete before the Chinese New Year of 2023, which has dramatically impacted transportation on the East Coast. Passengers must transfer to a bus and take a taxi or ask families or friends to drive them. Multiple changes in transportation methods are required to reach their destination, which has caused a lot of inconvenience for travelers in Taitung. To lessen the inconvenience for passengers, the National Development Council has assisted the Taitung County Government through the Regional Revitalization Project is to launch the TTGO Hualien Taitung Friendly Pickup Reservation Service which will compensate for transportation fares and provide convenient shuttle services. Passengers traveling south will be picked up at the Yuli Train Station and be driven directly to their destinations.


TTGO has received lots of positive feedback since it officially began offering its services on October 14, saying that the shuttle has saved a lot of waiting time. As the service has been promoted through word of mouth, the number of reservations have grown steadily. The County Government has expressed that there have been many more challenges than they expected. To overcome these obstacles, adjustments and changes have been made daily to satisfy the needs and rights of the passengers. The County Government will continue to modify and improve the service so that the highest quality and most suitable services can be provided.

The Taitung County Tourism Department says that the TTGO Transportation Reservation Platform has been in development since last year. Transportation issues for schooling, hospital, occupation, and tourism needs in rural areas are hoped to be resolved through these services. The burning transportation issue caused by the earthquake could not wait, so the County Government moved up the platform launch date to help serve the people. The service will help transport residents directly from the station to their homes, and tourists to their destinations. The trial period post-earthquake will also provide valuable experience to help perfect the TTGO services. (Photo credit: Taitung County Government)

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