announced the 2023 Traveler Review Awards, and Taitung, under Magistrate April Yao’s Slow Economy policies, made it to the top once more, ranking 2nd among all cities and counties in Taiwan. Magistrate Yao invites guests from all around Taiwan and the world to experience the unique “slow living” attitude and stunning beauty of Taitung.


The 2023 Traveller Review Awards is calculated from over 240 million reviews spanning more than 220 countries. Taitung ranked 2nd in Taiwan with an astounding score of 504 winning hotels and B&Bs. There’s no question that Taitung is known for its friendliness, hospitality, and top-quality lodging.

Magistrate Yao speaks highly of Taitung’s great mountains, waters, and people. According to her, visitors love its natural sights and views. The friendly people, healthy outdoors, and genuine local Slow Economy model make it a city uniquely congenial to living the Slow Life. This charming charisma brings sustainability to Taitung’s industries and land, as evident in the all-around positive feedback from travelers worldwide. Winning’s 2023 Traveller Review Awards affirms Taitung’s attractiveness once again.

According to Chiang Huiching, the Acting Director of Taitung County Government Tourism Department, the slow economy policy in Taitung has led to the creation of a custom tourism model that has garnered worldwide recognition. For instance, the International Balloon Festival has won the Platinum award at the 2022 MUSE Design Awards in the US, while the Starry Taitung Night events have received gold MUSE awards and silver in the 2022 London Design Awards. The slow tourism approach aims to attract visitors who will return multiple times, rather than one-time visitors. To continue building Taitung’s tourism brand, the County Government intends to introduce more innovative and diverse events. (Photo credit: Taitung County Government)