The Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau and the Citizens of Taitung have been hard at work to enforce pollution regulations in efforts to protect Taitung’s top air quality safeguarding the local populaces health. Taitung has enjoyed 329 good Air Quality Index (AQI≦50) days in 2021, reaching a total of 92.9% good AQI days last year. The fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and ozone (O3) levels were also rated to be the best in Taiwan. Taitung has been reelected as the nation’s triple crown for air quality. County Magistrate April Yao welcomes friends from all around to come to Taitung to travel for a long stay, relax, and inhale deeply enjoying Taitung’s superb air quality.

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The Environmental Protection Bureau points out that Taitung has been proactively enforcing many policies to improve air quality. A total of 11 proposals have been introduced to improve or control pollution, including improving coal and petroleum broilers, raising air pollution control efficiency at construction sites, diversifying straw treatment to reduce open burning, and stabilizing the water coverage of the Beinan River. An additional 5 strategic plans for mobile vehicles were also put into place, including diesel vehicle management, high pollutant motorcycles’ replacement plan, and motorboat exhaust inspections. The policies and regulations will continue to help maintain Taitung’s good air quality, PM2.5, and O3 levels to allow Taitung to continue to win the triple crown for air quality. The first Air Quality Protection Area will be designated at the Luye Highland National Scenic Area to promote tourism and environmental sustainability.

The Environmental Protection Bureau asks the public to do their part in protecting our air quality. For example, making sure their personal vehicle’s emission inspections are up to date, using low carbon transportation, and reducing open burning practices. Let’s protect Taitung’s superb air quality together!