A brand-new landmark in Taitung is about to be completed! The Taitung Public Main Library, located on Nanjing Road, is one of the important constructions the County Government is prioritizing. The construction is currently ahead of schedule. County Magistrate April Yao leads her team in the beam-rising ceremony which represents the near completion of the main structure. The ceremony also symbolizes safety throughout the construction period. This brand-new four-story public library is scheduled to be finished at the end of 2023.


The “beam-rising ceremony” is held when the final and highest beam is installed. The highest beam runs through the top of the structure and affects the sturdiness of the completed structure. Therefore the “beam-rising ceremony” represents the final step in a building’s construction. The Taitung County Public Works Department explains that the Taitung Public Main Library began construction in February of 2022, and the main structure was completed at the end of 2022. The first phase of furnishing will be completed in mid-2023, and once completed, the library will provide a top-quality reading space for the people of Taitung.

The main library connects the original library and the new building. The main reading space’s theme is “Taitung’s Valley”. There is a creative arts market, a main lobby, and a family-friendly reading space on the first floor. There are multimedia rooms, reading rooms, and Taitung specialty book collections on the second and third floors. The fourth-floor houses space for library operations. The complete and well-planned space will provide a lovable and user-friendly learning venue for Taitung.

After the public main library is complete, it will surely become a hot new venue for arts and culture events in Taitung. Nearby destinations, including Fantasy Tiehua, Taitung bus station, and the children’s exercise park which is scheduled to be completed in April of 2023, will all add to making Taitung a complete city full of tourism, activity, art, and culture.