To promote the development of Taitung’s International Companions for Learning program, under Tae Hitoto’s assistance, Jieda Elementary School of Jinfeng Township Taitung and Daigo Choritsu Namase Elementary School have become international companions for learning. The two elementary schools participated in an online video conference on October 28. During the conference, the two schools took turns introducing their schools. The Choritsu Namase Elementary School used pictures to show the students from Jieda Elementary school their classroom and surrounding environment. Jieda Elementary used dance and music to showcase their culture. The two schools then shared their favorite foods and subjects. The children from Taiwan and Japan enjoyed a lovely time together.


There are many similarities between the geographical situation of Daigo and Taitung. Both of these locations boast beautiful natural scenic tourist destinations. Jieda Elementary and Choritsu Namase Elementary have both developed their strengths which makes the partnership perfect. For example, the principal of Choritsu Namese Elementary school, Shimizu Yotaro, is experienced in Information and Communication Technology. The school’s teaching theology incorporates ICT and Environmental Education. The school uses Google Chat and Google Workspace in their classrooms, for example. The education team has rich experience using virtual education. Jieda Elementary is situated in Jinfeng Township which is made up mainly of Paiwanese people. The school focuses on arts, including sharing the aboriginal floral lei, clay art, shell ginger weaving, and other handicrafts. The school has plans to teach traditional dance and also hopes to promote Taitung’s food and farming courses, such as introducing millet, red quinoa, and roselle flower.

This interactive event will serve as a base for future interviews and collaboration. We trust that as Taiwan and Japan’s relationship grows closer, there will be many opportunities for students from both countries to learn from each other and promote the next generation’s international view and enhance their international outlook. (Photo source: Taitung County Government)