On February 16, 2023, the Taitung County Government announced the launch of its Smart and Friendly Service during the Civil Service Center upgrade press conference. The County Civil Service Center underwent space and equipment upgrades in September 2022, as well as improvements and upgrades to several software services. Magistrate April Yao encourages residents and the public to make use of these upgraded spaces and services.


Magistrate Yao has been implementing policies focused on “openness, integration, and innovation” since taking office, resulting in positive changes reported by all departments. The County Government teams have also received service awards from the Executive Yuan Government. The revamped County Civil Service Center aims to provide innovative and “Smart Excellence, Friendly Service” to the community. The corporate service OMO model has been successfully applied to integrate online and offline services, collecting and analyzing data to determine the public’s needs and design better services for different groups.

According to Chief Cao Jianqiu, head of the International Development and Planning Department, the Service Center has been serving the community since 2005 with a “customer-oriented” mindset and the mission to “centralize paperwork drop off and offer one-stop services.” However, over the past 18 years, the interior of the service center has aged, and the space no longer met the needs of the public. Therefore, both the interior and exterior have undergone construction and improvements to provide a friendly, energy-efficient, and visually appealing space for the community. The new design is bright, clean, and comfortable, while parking spaces have also been improved to free up crowded sidewalks for pedestrians.

In addition, the upgraded service software aims to provide “efficient” and “smart” services by offering 51 services that can be applied for online and picked up at the 24-hour Smart Desk, providing flexibility and convenience to the public. This allows the public to be freed from office hour constraints and is especially convenient for residents living in other cities and counties. Additionally, “Application and Pick Up Reservation” services can be made through phone reservation (089-347550), and document pick-up reservations can be arranged with additional agent service to decrease the application process wait time. (Photo credit: Taitung County Government)