To continuously promote the organic farming industry in Taitung, the County Government hosted the first organic forum on April 6th.The Eastern Region Branch Agriculture and Food Agency, Agricultural Research and Extension Station, National Taitung University, Taitung Organic Association, Farmers Associations, and friends who are involved in the organic industry were all invited to participate in this forum. Magistrate April Yao hosted this forum personally, gathering the thoughts and opinions of all parties to improve Taitung’s Organic Development.

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Magistrate Yao pointed out that her goal has long been to focus on safety and quality while ensuring the sustainability of the organic farming industry. Taitung hopes to build a high-quality farm produce brand. After years of hard work, Taitung’s certified organic and eco-friendly farms have grown from under 1000 hectares to over 2300 hectares, ranking 3rd in size in all of Taiwan.

Taitung County Organic Association Chairman He Jiechen, and Taitung Eco-Friendly Produce Transportation Cooperation LLC Chairman Lee Qijun both mentioned setting up an organic farming promotion zone to help increase Taitung’s organic farmland. The Company representative of Chishang Do Re Mi Co., Ltd., Mr. Liang Chenghsien, noted that prior to growing organic rice, the Rice Storage System needed to be considered and prepared to avoid cross-contamination with the traditionally grown rice. The Nanzi Rice Factory suggested increasing the government subsidy for organic fertilizer to help lower production costs.

In conclusion, Magistrate Yao expressed that the government would continue to collect comments and concerns and pass them on to the relevant departments. These in turn will assist organic farmers in Taitung find solutions to their concerns in the hope that more farmers will join the organic farming industry.