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Liang Yifen 1991-2021: A 30 Year Retrospective

Aesthetician Zhu Guangqian believes that “Art is something that needs to be individual, original, and local….all while being international at the same time.” Taiwanese painter Liang Yifen, with his exquisite artistic achievement has reached incredible heights. His work combines both Chinese and Western styles in a distinctive fashion that effortlessly travels between past and present. His unique style has gained him considerable recognition in art circles all over the world. To celebrate the works of this great master of the arts, the Taitung Art Museum is holding a retrospective exhibition of Liang Yifen’s 30 years of artistic creation. The museum invites you to seize this rare opportunity to see master Liang’s work for yourself.


Liang Yifen graduated from the Taipei Normal University’s art school and then studied under Li Zhongsheng, an acclaimed master of modern art. In 1987, he moved to the United States and opened a studio in Soho, New York. His series “Black Beauty”, and other works quickly became coveted items at various auctions, and he received considerable accolades and recognition in the world art. After a considerable time making a name for himself in art circles overseas, Liang Yifen longed to return to his homeland, Taiwan. In 2006, he settled in Dulan, Taitung and has continued to create art ever since. With his endless creativity, Liang has created a staggering amount of work over the years. “Liang Yifen 1991-2021: A 30 Year Retrospective Exhibition” showcases three different themed exhibits centering on Liang’s “Hey! Gorgeous”, “My Land and My People”, and “Imagery of The Many Manifestations of Nature.” The exhibits showcases a selection of Liang’s beautiful and diverse artistic creations over the past 30 years. A replica of his studio has also been recreated in the museum so that the audience can better experience the master’s state of mind when he is in the midst of creating a new piece of art.


“Hey! Gorgeous” is an exhibit of Liang Yifen’s famous “Black Beauty” series. In this series of work, Liang uses the color black to accentuate the lines of the human body, while his use of bold clean lines clearly outline the feminine shapes in these pieces. The colors are bold and bright, blending the beauty of primitive art forms and traditional Taiwanese flavor. The “My Land and My People” series reflects upon Liang Yifen’s feelings about his homeland. After living more than ten years overseas in the United States, Liang’s works in this series seem to evoke a certain nostalgia for his hometown and the culture and beauty of the country where he grew up. Liang sees artistic creation as “the liberation and guidance of one’s subconscious”. In the “Imagery of The Many Manifestations of Nature” series, you can appreciate the master’s extraordinary ability to convey seemingly abstract thoughts in a series of simple brushstrokes. Using a combination of creative media, Liang’s works present a simple form of beauty that is rich with symbolism. Upon viewing, guests will surely allow their imaginations to run wild in Liang’s exquisite brushstrokes.

The exhibition will run until April 3rd. Please seize this opportunity to appreciate the aesthetic feat of master Liang Yifen, and experience the exquisite charm of his creativity.

Exhibition Date: March 6, 2021 (Saturday) to April 3, 2021 (Saturday)
Location: Taitung Art Museum
Time: 09:00 AM -05:00 PM (Tuesday to Sunday)
Official Website:

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