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Introduction to the Work of the Artists in Residence

The East Coast Land Art Festival is moving into its seventh year. This year, the festival’s art is taking on the theme of “a melody between the mountains and the sea.” The long stretch of coastline between Taitung and Hualien will serve as a huge natural exhibition space. The festival has invited 6 artists who have lived on the east coast long term to create installations. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the intersection between art and nature in this beautiful setting.


The Moon Residing in the Sea

Iyo Kacaw’s “The Moon Lives in the Ocean,” looks like a pair of poetic eyes. These eyes will give Jialulan Recreation Area a completely different imaginative feel. Iyo Kacaw is an Amis from Makotaay Village in Hualien. He grew up next to the ocean, and still spends lots of time at the beach. For Kacaw, the ocean is a vibrant lifeforce. As a kid, he learned how to observe the tides from the other members of his tribe. He learned that the rise and fall of the ocean is just like our breath. The familiar rhythm connected him intimately to the ocean. Moreover, a young Kacaw witnessed the ocean become a gigantic house for the moon. This was apparent on nights when the full moon rose above the ocean in its clear splendor.

The inspiration for “The Moon Lives in the Ocean” comes from Kacaw’s unforgettable childhood memories. The scrap rebar Kacaw used in this work creates dynamic waves that look like the sparkling ocean under the moonlight. This installation sits on a hill in the middle of Jialulan Recreation Area. It now calls out to the Pacific and invites you visit the home of the moon. (Photo Credit:IG@shiou_shiun)

Location: Jialulan Recreation Area


Traveler’s Eyes

Every time you visit the east coast, you can find true relaxation. All you have to do is look up at the sky, listen to the ocean and realize you’re away from the clamor of city life. It’s as if you’ve entered a whole new world. Kulele reminds us through his work “Traveler’s Eyes,” that our eyes are actually a vehicle that connect our inner spirit to the outside world. Visit the Jialulan Recreation Area and let your spirt roam amongst the natural beauty of mountains and the sea.

Tapiwulan Kulele is a Paiwan artist from Pingtung. Most of his work is sculpture. He specializes in making mixed-media pieces using wood, stone, scrap metal. Kulele has forged a deep connection to the east coast because of its inclusive atmosphere that fosters unrestrained creativity. This atmosphere is reflected in the work of local artists. “Traveler’s Eyes” is a giant pair of scrap rebar eyes that are 800 centimeters long, 400 wide and 250 tall. Kulele hopes you will stop and take in the scenery while looking at his sleek and elegant installation. During this pause, he hopes you can reflect on your intrinsic connection to the natural world. (Photo Credit:IG@annie_0939)

Location: Jialulan Recreation Area


To the cool place

Urban life comes with a certain feeling of being restrained. However, when you get to the beach, the first thing you inevitably do is raise your hands in the air and take a deep breath. This is your body’s natural way of saying that you are truly happy and content. Unrestrained movement also reflects an intimate connection with nature. Three installations that look like people praying towards the sky are now on the grass of Chenggong Coastal Park. Feel relaxed and peaceful strolling in the park next to this piece. The atmosphere here is just like the work’s name “To A Cool Place.”

This work’s location, materials and creative process reflects artist Chien Wei Bali’s love for Taitung. Bali’s art is full of empathy for the people around him. This work is closely connected to Taitung. He encouraged locals to participate in the creation of his piece. The concept of “To A Cool Place” comes from humanity’s overly materialistic nature that consumes too much. Our collective behavior has gravely harmed the environment and has developed into a cultural malaise. Bali teamed up with the families of developmentally impaired children to collect trash and stones from Chenggong’s coastline. They used what they found to create a meditative place. Bali hopes that a visit here can awaken the desire to reconnect with nature. (Photo Credit:IG@landarteast)

Location: Chenggong Coastal Park Beirui Field


Dancing Wind

Have you ever been at the beach, feeling the gentle breeze blow by, and thought, “What would the wind look like if you could see it?” Ruby Swana (nicknamed Doudou), an Amis artist who has settled down in Dulan, has been making art on the east coast for many years. She specializes in using the creative process to explore the spiritual nature of people and the animistic qualities of nature. For this piece, Swana imagined the breeze that moves back and forth between the coast and the mountains. She also envisioned the form wind breathes into flowers, plants and trees. This wind brings a gust of vitality to the land. In her work, Swana used metal plates and rebar, two materials which are normally cold and hard. Despite this, she created dynamic curves that resemble the beauty of fluttering wind. Visit the Stone Umbrella Recreation Area to feel the caress of a gentle sea breeze and enjoy the dance between the ocean and the wind. (Photo Credit:IG@lambretta1972tv175)

Location: The Stone Umbrella Recreation Area’s south field


Summer Sunbathe

Laying on the beach soaking up the sun, the light caressing your skin, watching the waves lap up against the shore. What an amazing way to relax your mind, body and inner soul. For artist Gieh-Wen Lin, the view of the Pacific Ocean from the Hualien Visitor Center is comparable to the elegance of Europe. Unfortunately, there aren’t any umbrellas, lounge chairs or people enjoying the sun on their lawn facing the ocean. In this day and age, most people think fair skin is beautiful. Slowly, this has become a form of spiritual imprisonment that keeps people hiding from the sun’s brilliance. For this piece, Gieh-Wen Lin used colorful scrap fabric and rebar as well as various types of waste found in the ocean. Her installation resembles a person sunbathing on the east coast. Gieh-Wen Lin hopes that her work will beckon people to come by and do the same. (Photo Credit:IG@landarteast)

Location: Hualien Visitor Center


Mountains are condensed waves, oceans are fluid light

For most people, mountains are static and dormant, while the ocean is fluid and changing. However, Lin Shu-ling thinks the mountains on the east coast flow into the sea. Therefore, the mountains and the sea aren’t opposing in nature. Mountains are actually “congealed waves” and have a quality of flow. Lin Shu-ling used recyclable high-strength polyester fiber, rebar and round mirrors for her work. Her aim was to embody the relationship between people and nature as well as her interpretation of the life itself. You’re invited to experience Lin Shu-ling’s creative energy at the Hualien Visitor Center where the mountains meet the sea. (Photo Credit:IG@yi_life65)

Location: Hualien Visitor Center

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