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When going to Green Island, the first thing that people think of doing is diving. However, not only does the ocean boast an abundance of marine ecology, the vegetation of the island is also quite appealing. In June of this year, the East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office held the Green Island Across Mountain Ancient Trail treasure hunt to promote closeness to nature, and to allow people to get to know this historic trail. Before the completion of the ring road around Green Island, the islanders depended on this trail to go to and from Nanliao and Zhao-Ri Hot Spring. However, upon completion of the ring road, this ancient trail was abandoned. It was not until the East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office rebuilt it in 1996 when it came to life again. Nowadays, you can enjoy the simple atmosphere along the ancient trail, accompanied by a tour guide. Visitors can also admire the natural environment, especially plants such as kamanpopo, Mycenaean species, and common melastoma. You can also pay close attention. Has anyone seen any giant woods spiders, swimhoe’s japalura, or sika deer? A treasure hunt trip to Green Island will reveal the abundant and vibrant island environment.

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2023 Kanadun Caucau Carnival Begins May 6th

It is truly stunning to be able to experience the beauty of the tribes when surrounded by the oceans, mountains, and forests. The Kanadun Caucau Carnival, which is entering its third year, is one of the hottest local festivals in Jinlun, Taimali. The event launches at the LI.KA CAFE outdoor plaza on May 5th. Participate in the activities and learn more about Jinlun, their multiethnic groups, food, and culture.

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2022 World Women’s Art Festival

2022 World Women’s Art Festival As gender equality awareness rises and women gain higher status in society, a rising number of female artists are born. Patriarchy in art history is beginning to be overturned, [...]