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Migrator Flying B&B

This B&B was named “Migrator Flying” not only because the owner is a retired pilot, but because there are beautiful hopes and dreams for the B&B. The owner hopes that guests will fall in love with this location, and return each year for another vacation, just like migrating birds. Under the great attention and care of the owner couple, the B&B has gained more and more returning visitors. The relaxing and comfortable experience is truly unforgettable.

Migrator Flying B&B perfectly replicates the vibe of American countryside life where guests can forget all their troubles and simply relax. The rooms are made up of three log cabins that offer 5 rooms total. Each room is named after a migratory bird. The rooms are furnished with wooden floors and ceilings that give a warm and magical feeling. There are other classic decorations like a fireplace, hanging lamps, rocking chairs, and more. There is care in all the details. Some rooms even have a living room and balcony so guests will feel as though they are taking a vacation in a grand mansion abroad.

Gentle reminder: Migrator Flying B&B has joined the Green Hotel project and toiletries will only be provided by request to eliminate unnecessary waste. Towels and sheets will not be changed daily for multi-night stays to ensure a healthy environment. The B&B will provide travel itineraries and homemade snacks for guests who cooperate with these policies. (Photo credit: Agoda)

  • Address: No. 17, Lane 360, Heping Rd., Taiping Village, Beinan Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 0972-162-040
  • Website: http://migratorflying.yoyotaitung.com.tw/

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