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Comfortable High-Class Experience—Hotel Cham Cham

The purpose of traveling is to find new things to bring excitement back into your lives! Hotel Cham Cham is a young brand under the Caesar Park Hotel chain. The name #CHAM_CHAM comes from the Tibetan dialect. Imagine a Tibetan man galloping across a large lofty plane while singing at the top of his lungs. This longing for freedom and the spirit for adventure is the core image of the brand Cham Cham. Hotel Cham Cham strives to provide a comfortable lodging experience for their guests so that they can enjoy exploring Taitung.

Hotel Cham Cham is located in a convenient location, only 100 m from the Taitung train station. Guests can easily travel to the mountain or ocean line. The rooms are decorated with the theme of the blue ocean and golden sun rays of the East coast. With the incorporation of nature in the rooms, you’ll feel at ease and relaxed on your vacation. Hotel Cham Cham offers single, double, and triple rooms, and suits. The rooms are spacious, with a sofa or Japanese-room area to rest in. The beds are also comfortable, allowing each guest to get a full night’s rest. The showers are fitted with adjustable water pressure shower heads where you’ll be able to wash your stress and worries away. Each room has 50 inch TVs, wifi connection, and an eco-friendly silent fridge. There are laundry and drying machines in the basement so that you can easily do some laundry and stay clean and fresh!

No. 260 Xinzhan Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County

Phone Number: 089-231-188
hotel website: https://taitung.chamcham.com.tw/

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