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Xiaoyeliu Night Tour

Xiaoyeliu boasts the unique marine abrasion landscape which will be sure to leave you speechless. Have you ever been on a night tour in Xiaoyeliu? Tourism Bureau of the East Coast National Scenic Area hosts the popular “Xiaoyeliu Night Tour” event from May to October each year. The event was postponed until July 13th this year due to the pandemic. A guide will lead you to explore rich ecosystem of Xiaoyeliu, a tour of the coast, and star gazing. The events are packed with fun activities that you don’t want to miss!


The group will begin the tour with a flashlight in hand when the night falls. You will find that the nighttime in Xiaoyeliu is an ecology gem! The hermit crabs are busy crawling along the reefs. Therefore, be careful where you set your foot. You might even get the chance to help a hermit crab relocate! There is a vast list of plants to identify along the way, including Indian Barringtonia, Screw Pine, and Silvery Messerschmidia, etc. Under low light pollution environment, stargazing in Xiaoyeliu will be an unforgettable experience.

Kindly reminder: Reservations online are required due to the pandemic. Each tour will have a maximum of 8 members. Masks on, consuming is not allowed, all beverages must be covered, and 1-meter social distance is required. Please check the official website for more information and registration.

(Photo Credit:IG@evelynliao610)