Visiting Sanxiantai At Night

Sanxiantai is a famous tourist spot in Taitung. You can enjoy the lovely blue skies and ocean views in the daytime. The clouds are the perfect backdrop to the eight arch bridge that spans over the rolling waves. There’s an entirely different view to see at Sanxiantai at night! The East Coast National Scenic Area Tourism Bureau has proposed a new way to experience Sanxiantai. The “Visiting Sanxiantai at Night” trip includes a guided geological tour, stargazing, and a nighttime seaside ecology observation to learn more about the natural environment and human ecology of this beautiful area.

Visitors can pick from two trips, the leisurely or the challenging trip. The challenging trip will take you across the eight arches to the pagoda, the trip will take roughly 2 hours. The leisurely trip stays on land and guests will explore plant and animal life in the recreational area, do some stargazing and listen to the waves. The duration of this trip is roughly 1 hour. Registration for the following month opens on the 15th of every month. Registration is completed online. Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up!

Date: April 1st to October 31st of 2022

Location: Sanxiantai, No. 74 Jicui Rd, Chenggong Township, Taitung County

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