What is the safest way to get to Taitung after the COVID-19 pandemic ends?

Have you been waiting for the pandemic to finally settle down? I’m sure we’ve all been yearning to get back to normal life. But more importantly, when this is all over, you can finally come down to Taitung and satisfy that itch to hit the road. However, we all need to follow basic disease prevention protocols to make sure that COVID-19 doesn’t rear up again. Looking forward to taking a trip to Taitung? This article will dispel your reservations about post-pandemic travel by going over disease prevention measures and pointing out Taitung’s best attractions.

● When can I visit Taitung?
● What is the safest way to travel in Taitung after life returns to normal?
● What kind of COVID-19 related precautions do I need to take when visiting Taitung?


1.When can I visit Taitung?

The pandemic is still quite severe in Taiwan. There are COVID-19 cases throughout the entire country. During this time, the public has been asked to avoid unnecessary travel and gatherings. To ensure the safety of travelers and locals alike, the Taitung County Government has asked everyone to postpone or cancel their travel plans. Under Taiwan’s level 3 epidemic alert, most of Taitung’s tourist attractions are temporarily closed. Events for tourists are also postponed. Flights, ferries to the outlying islands, and other forms of public transportation are only offering limited service.

As for when you will be able to visit Taitung, we believe that Taiwan first must go down to epidemic alert level 1. There should be no risk of community transmission. Travel can start again when government restrictions on gatherings, businesses and public transportation are lifted. For more details, please continue to check our website for the latest information.

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2.What is the safest way to travel in Taitung after life returns to normal?

The sudden arrival of the pandemic has taught us to cherish good health as well as the importance of keeping “social distance,” and maintaining “good exercise habits.” When visiting Taitung after COVID-19, feel free to use the following pointers so that you can avoid crowds, travel safely, and have a unique and unforgettable trip.

Fun in Taitung: After the pandemic ends, people will place greater emphasis on wellness travel. You’ll be able to do much more than just enjoy the stunning mountains, oceans, and fresh air in Taitung. A trip to Taitung can involve snorkeling, canoeing, hiking, and other outdoor activities to relax your mind, body and inner soul. (See “Sports” for more information)

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Travel in Taitung: Do you want to escape the crowds and go on a special adventure? Make some lasting memories and book a trip to one of Taitung’s indigenous villages. Learn about indigenous culture and experience what daily life is like on a Taitung farm. (See “In-depth Travel” for more information)

Eat in Taitung: A meal in Taitung is more than just eating, it’s an immersive cultural experience. “Indigenous Cuisine” and “Unwritten Slow Food Recipes” allow you to taste local dishes while getting to know how your food is prepared, from farm to table. (See “Food Tour” for more information)

Staying in Taitung: Taitung covers a vast area and has plenty of fresh air. Come check into a B&B nestled in-between the mountains and the sea. The B&Bs all follow disease prevention protocols so that you can truly relax on your vacation.

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3.What kind of precautions do I need to take when visiting Taitung?

After the pandemic is under control, we should still implement basic disease prevention practices at all times to protect ourselves and protect others:

● Maintain personal hygiene: Wash your hands frequently and wear a face mask.
● Necessary travel items: Bring a sufficient number of face masks, single-use medical gloves, disinfectant spray and antibacterial wipes for you and your family.
● Monitor your physical condition: If you feel sick, end your trip early and seek medical attention.