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Integrating Medical Resources: Taitung County’s Six COVID-19 Measures

As we enter a critical COVID-19 prevention period, Taitung County and its medical organizations will work as one team to best serve and protect the people of Taitung.(Last Update:6/1 12:36):


1. Enhancing the facilities of Designated COVID-19 Wards
The six main hospitals in Taitung have completed COVID-19 resource preparation and added outdoor COVID test sites. Taitung has 17 negative pressure hospital beds that have been operational since May 17. The first phase of designated wards also provided 30 additional designated beds on May 21.

2. Separate Rooms and Entryways for People Diagnosed with COVID-19
If there are COVID-19 cases in Taitung, Taitung Hospital will admit mild cases. Severe cases will be transferred to MacKay Memorial Hospital. In case of personnel shortage, the county government will arrange to hire more medical professionals.

3. Outdoor COVID-19 Test Sites
Outdoor COVID-19 test sites have been set up at hospitals in Taitung. The public can go to a hospital nearby for testing. We remind the public without symptoms or contact with individuals having a high-risk of COVID-19 to use this service prudently. This will allow high-risk individuals or patients with symptoms to get priority for COVID-19 testing while simultaneously lowering the risk of further transmission. We also ask that the public to refrain from going to MacKay Memorial Hospital for testing. This hospital is designated for severe COVID-19 cases and we would like to reserve medical resources for patients that need urgent care.

Community rapid test stations available beginning May 28th: 11 community rapid test stations set up around Taitung will all begin operation (limited to 15 per day). Individuals showing symptoms and fitting the requirements may make an appointment by phone call. This will help avoid overcrowding which will reduce the test speed and increase chances of infection on site. The rapid test sites are located at the District Health Centers including Taitung City Health Center, Beinan Township Health Center, Yanping Township Health Center, Luye Township Health Center, Haiduan Township Health Center, Chishang Township Health Center, Donghe Township Health Center, Chenggong Township Health Center, Changbin Township Health Center, Dawu Township Health Center, and Daren Township Health Center. Please make sure to wear a face mask when traveling to these Health Centers and do not use public transportation.

4. Preparing Resources to Handle COVID-19
Taitung’s Health Bureau has purchased rapid test kits that can be distributed to the 11 Public Health Bureaus to provide rapid tests. Individuals that meet the criteria are allowed to pay out of pocket for a test.

5. Virtual Doctor Appointments for Patients with Chronic Illnesses
All 16 Public Health Bureaus will provide telehealth services for patients with chronic illnesses. We encourage all patients with non-life-threatening medical needs to refrain from going to the hospital so that those medical resources can be used for those who need them the most.

6. Virtual Doctor Appointments in Hospitals
Telehealth services are available for individuals in quarantine or that are self-monitoring. The 40 clinics listed by the Taitung County Govenermnet are also available for online consultation and is not limited to patients in quarantine.

Please visit this website for more home quarantine information: